Blue Flats, Blue Heels, Blue Sneakers, Oh My.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Feelin' blue? Well I've got just the shoes to make you feel even bluer! ;)

I feel like blue is perfect for spring because it's such a fresh color! I mean, the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, half of Samson's eye is blue--blue is great all around! It doesn't always have to be associated with a negative emotion, right?

I'm really loving the variety of blue shoes this season. For some reason I keep finding myself being drawn to light blue flats [find options here] because of how comfy and cute they look! I also love how versatile flats can be. I mean, with sneakers you can really only wear them with a casual look (unless you're a converse at prom kind of person) and with heels everything's gotta be fancy. Flats can be dressed up or down with the simple change of wardrobe. Above are my favorite blue selections of flats, heels, and sneakers (oh my) and I gotta say, I'm reeeeeeally eyeing those Adidas sneaks. I need them in my closet, like, yesterday.

What are some of your favorite shoe trends this season?


  1. I just picked up some cobalt heels so I totally can say I'm blue for shoes! Those lace up flats are my dream shoes!
    xo Adri

  2. I'm loving those blue adidas! If I don't add them to my closet... I may die.


  3. Great selection" My fave are those blue adidas!


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