Hey there friend! 
My name is Ariel. 

I am Japan born & Hawaiian grown. 
I love sushi, mango salads, & pad thai. 
I am a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts. 
I have a guilty pleasure for awful reality TV shows. 
I like the colors seafoam and maroon. 
I believe in ocean therapy. 
I love fashion, drawing, & running. 
I like making movies about the world and the people in it. 
I am married to my best friend, Connor and we have a little toy aussie pom named Samson.

  1. oh my gosh. i thought i recognized you! i totally listened to you & jenna's music a couple years ago! (i'm a half japanese from Boise who goes to BYU). haha. totally stalked you. glad i found your blog :)

  2. Such a cute photo! About to stalk your blog :)


  3. Love your style and blog!!
    Please follow me and my brand new blogging adventure!


    God bless, Beka

  4. love love love your blog! its fantastic!

  5. So glad I found your blog! I love pad thai, sushi and running! And my best friend is my boyfriend.

  6. I'm Japan born and Hawaii grown too! So happy that I found you're blog, I look forward to reading all of your posts!!!! :)

  7. ariel--so glad i found your blog, you have the cutest style! ps, my in-laws have a klee-kai named riggins, and he is seriously the love of my life. i love him!

  8. hi! just stumbled upon your blog, loving it! i'm a senior at BYU too, and I share in your guilty tv pleasure haha. looking forward to following along.

  9. Sushi, running, and reality tv. I'm sold! Nice to "meet" you, Ariel (ps, totes love your name)! Excited to follow along!

  10. I visited your blog from The Creative Closet linkup and instantly fell in love! I am so excited to follow along and see all your beautiful outfits, because so far I am in love with them! Plus, your pictures are gorgeous. I know I have said it in every single one of my comments now, but seriously, they are amazing!

  11. Your blog looks so awesome and clean! How did you do it?




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