Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey there Wednesday!

In today's video, Connor and I try out a bunch of Japanese candy and snacks, while in Japan! Some are super yummy and some are downright nasty. Watch to find out what we think about each one! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on my weekly Wednesday videos! Love you guys!

PS. Just to clarify, when we shot this video (last month) we were in Japan. I'm currently back in the states. :)

PPS. If you haven't watched my Hawaii and Japan VLOGS, check them out HERE and HERE!

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Ocean Therapy

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Swim Top: c/o Kortni Jeane
Swim Bottoms: c/o Kortni Jeane
Hat: c/o Billabong
Sandals: Reef c/o Flip Flop Shop [similar]
Sunglasses: c/o FREYRS

Would you believe me if I said that literally 10 minutes after I took these photos, a huge rainstorm rolled in? Well you better believe it cus that's exactly what happened. In fact, I even documented it on my VLOG for that day! That's my hometown, Hilo for ya. One minute it's super sunny, the next it's pouring rain and vice versa.

On this beautiful day in Hawaii, I thought it was only appropriate that I wore this bright, fun swimsuit from Kortni Jeane! If you live in Utah and have an Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen or heard of Kortni Jeane swimsuits at least one time or another. They're known for their versatile mix and match pieces that are bold, fun, and super flattering! I had the hardest time choosing what combination of swimmies I wanted because there were so many styles to choose from! It just goes to show how Kortni Jeane caters to every type of personality, body type, and occasion you can possibly imagine. I ended up going with the Sweetheart Top in Citron and the High-Waisted Bottoms in Pineapple print, because if you're going somewhere tropical, you need at least one thing in pineapple print. I mean, that's just like the rules of feminism. #sofetch

Also, as we were walking along this beautifully isolated beach, we came across a little turtle friend! We didn't even notice him at first because he was so still (I thought he was a rock), but then he started waving his fins at us and it nearly gave me a heart attack! We chatted with him for a little bit then we let him have his space because if a bunch of strangers came up to me and ruined my sun-bathing time, I'd get a little annoyed.

I hope you're all having an awesome Tuesday!

ps. This is my last Hawaii post of my little vacation series! On Thursday I'll be posting my first Japan outfit! Woo!


A Bikini Kinda Life

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bikini Top: c/o Billabong
Shorts: c/o Billabong
Sunglasses: c/o FREYRS

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend!

I'm laughing to myself while I'm putting together this blog post because lately its been 10-20 degrees F in Utah and here I am posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit. Oh the irony.

When I think of swimsuits and beachwear, Billabong always pops into my head. Growing up, Billabong was always one of my favorite swim + surf brands and I'd always drool over their cute apparel! So of course I couldn't resist sporting a little Billa-love while I was in Hawaii this past Christmas! I'm just in love with how they have such a chill, laid back vibe which is perfect for going to the beach and driving around the island. Like seriously, how cute is this paisley bikini top and high-waisted shorts? Billabong is my Go-To when it comes to local style and if you live in a tropical climate or you're heading to one sometime soon, you should definitely check them out!

Have a great week everyone! You can survive it!