Feeling Fresh w/ GapFit

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Outfit c/o Gap Factory
sports bra

Am I a Kardashian yet with these braids? ;)

Summer is here! Woo!
But with the presence of summer, comes the need to get into tip-top beach body shape. Meaning it's time to dust off your gym membership pass and start adding fruits and veggies to your extremely unbalanced diet. ;) I'm very guilty of being one who procrastinates and becomes lazy when it comes to getting into shape, but this season I've made a commitment to myself to look and feel healthier everyday.

As materialistic as this may sound, I feel like as women it's easier to feel more motivated to workout and/or go to the gym when we have cute activewear to sport. It's easier (and funner) to kick butt in the gym when you feel AND look good, amiright? Lucky for you, Gap Factory has an amazing GapFit line that allows you to own trendy, high-fashion athletic looks, without the high-fashion price tag. The GapFit line delivers quality training clothes for the non-professional athlete (that's me). The best part is that you can take these stylish pieces from studio to street in a flash. You can effortlessly style this line of activewear into your everyday wardrobe by throwing on a favorite jacket or hat because that's how trendy they are!

GapFit offers performance technology, contemporary designs, and fun, colorful outfit pieces that you can mix and match. The top that I'm wearing in today's post is made of material that pulls moisture away from my skin to keep me dry while I work up a sweat. Their clothes are breathable, water resistant, and has compression so it provides support during your workout. Never have I felt so fresh while exercising! :) Also, these leggings are the most comfortable workout leggings I've ever worn. EVER.

Make sure you check out GapFactory and their GapFit line for your summer workout needs!

Have a great Thursday, friends!


Thanks to GapFactory for sponsoring today's post!
All opinions and my love for this brand are my own.

What's In My Bag + VIDEO!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hey there friendship.

Today I’m sharing the contents of my everyday bag: things I need to survive the day and what I can’t leave the house without… most of the time. Thumbs up if you prefer backpacks over handbags! :)

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Everyday Adventure w/ VOORAY

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hat: c/o Vooray
Top: Madison & Sixth
Joggers: c/o Vooray
Duffel Bag: c/o Vooray
Sneakers: Converse
Choker: Nordstrom Rack [similar]
Bracelets: c/o Color By Amber

Wanna hear something crazy?
The last time I posted about Vooray was 2 years ago, also in May and also featuring Samson (when he was a fetus). I had no idea about the coincidences until I was writing this post! I guess the blog stars aligned and it was meant to be! ;) Check out that ancient post HERE.

Vooray has always been one of my favorite local brands here in Utah. I love their mission. I love their gear. I love their adventurous and ambitious vibe that they give off through their social media and website! Being from Hawaii I'm all about living that everyday adventure life where you take every moment and opportunity to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the surroundings around you. It was definitely different and a big adjustment going from living the tropical island life where hiking through the rainforest and swimming in the ocean was only a 10-minute drive away to living in the desert where the mountains are literally in your backyard. Utah and Hawaii and quite polar opposites when it comes to terrain but I've found that both environments have their benefits!

I've been inspired by Vooray lately to take opportunities to go on more everyday adventures. Just wearing their gear makes me want to go hike up the mountains or take a bike ride to the lake. I love how colorful and vibrant their designs are, especially this Roadie Gym Duffel that has the cutest tropical pattern. Their whole bag collection in fact is full of fun designs (floral, polka dots, etc.) and has a variety of different sizes depending on what adventure you're setting out to go on. Also, their hats don't disappoint as well in the design department, as there are so many cute styles to choose from that are perfect for summertime! The fun and playful vibes of Vooray products seriously breathe life into me and I can't wait to show them off this season!

Right now you can use the code AHAMILTON25 to get 25% off your entire Vooray order!
The code is good until June 30th so make sure you take advantage of that awesome discount!

Well, now that Friday is finally here I say we all deserve to celebrate by binge watching Netflix.

Have a great weekend, friends!