Ghosts of Birthdays Past // I'm Feeling 22!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.

THERE, I said it. I can officially be part of the club.
Now all I need are some bedazzled cat ears and a pool to jump into and we'll call it a day.

If you haven't guessed by now, today is my 22nd birthday! But let's be honest. If Taylor Swift hadn't written a song about being it, turning 22 would be pretty boring.
Connor is taking me to lunch at Tucanos today and I heard from a little birdie that my bestie, Amy, is making a sweet dinner and cake for me tonight. So despite school and work, today will be pretty special. :)

Technically, my birthday celebration actually started a week early. Con and I like to do Birthday Weeks where we give the other one gift a day starting a week before their birthday. So I've already gotten some sweet prezzies from him--including a new camera lens! Ahhh!

Anyway, the real point of this post (besides obnoxiously announcing my birthday) is to look back at my Ghosts of Birthdays Past. Isn't it always fun to reflect on those kinds of things?

I will never forget this birthday. It was the beginning of my freshman year of college so I still had no friends. I was lonely, sad, and just when I thought I hit rock bottom, a wonderful thing happened. This sweet, sweet girl down the hall named Taylor Veater (now Winters) baked and brought me a birthday cake. Taylor, you are still one of my favoritest people in the world.

All I remember about this birthday was the CAKE. No seriously, it was the best cake ever. Ask anyone who came to my birthday party that year. I'm pretty sure we all went into a sugar coma after we ate that cake and that's why I don't really remember anything else from that night. Oh, my 19th birthday cake. I still dream about you.

My first birthday with Connor! We were only dating but even back then he sure knew how to spoil me with presents. We went to the Nickelcade that year (I know, such party animals) and got enough tickets to buy mustaches. 

My first birthday as a married lady! We had a bonfire party out in the canyon. I remember because my hair smelt like campfire for a week after that. So worth it. Oh, and the bakery people wrote "Happy Birthay Ariel" on my cake that year. It was pretty funny... and sad.

As for my "party" this year, we are going rock climbing on Friday!!! I'm pretty stoked since I've only gone once in my life. Hopefully I don't fall and break something. 
That will definitely make it a birthday to remember.

Stay Classy.
  1. Yay for birthdays! Hope you have the best day!!

  2. Happy birthday sweety! :D

  3. Oh I love you too! And this is such a great idea remembering past birthdays. You're amazing and crazy talented and beautiful. You deserve the best days and the best birthdays :)

  4. so cute. Happy belated birthday to you! =D Enjoy 22!


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