#TBT: My "Acting" Reel

Thursday, January 23, 2014


You guys didn't know I was a movie star?
I mean, I've won 3 Oscars already.
Got them all lined up on my mantle next to my 5 Grammy's and 7 Olympic Gold Medals.

Haha, if only.

I have however, starred in some tiny, but fun commercials, short films, and advertisements.
Here are a few of them for your entertainment!

This is a commercial I did for BYU Independent Study that premiered during General Conference and still plays occasionally on BYUtv. I actually was a stand-in at first for the role because I work at the BYUIS video department, and I guess I looked Hispanic enough to be casted for real. Yep, I'm a Japanese/Filipino/German/French girl playing a Latina who speaks Chinese. Talk about diversity.

This is a short horror film (I refuse to watch them, but apparently I like to be in them) I did for my friends Vanessa and Joseph. I got to play a mean girl in it so I was pretty stoked. It brought out my inner Regina George.

You'll have to look carefully for me in this short Denik ad. You'll see half of my face at one point and keep a look out for my chipped red nails and spunky bracelets here and there.

This Nixon spec ad I was in isn't available anymore online but I took a screenshot of my appearance when it was up and running. It's too bad because I looked pretty bad-A throwing an M&M into my mouth in slowwwww motionnnnn (although it took about 50 takes for me to finally catch it in my mouth).

As you can tell, I obviously have a future career in acting. (:

But on a serious note, I have really enjoyed being a part of these projects! It's a nice break being the one in front of the camera, rather than the one behind it.

Also, I had the cool opportunity to be an extra in a The Moth & The Flame music video that has yet to be released. Although I don't know if my face will appear in it (partly due to the fact that we were all wearing masks), I'm still excited to see the outcome of the video!

  1. How exciting! That seems like it would be really fun!

  2. And in one of the shots for Denik, you can only see the back of Brent's head and he's one of the big guys for Denik, so I say half a face is huge! haha

    1. haha, I am pretty proud of my half face & hands in that ad! :) I did it as a favor to my friend Kenneth who shot & put the video together!

  3. Really cool!! Have an amazing weekend! :)
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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