Yay or Nay: GRAMMY Fashion 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

I love award show season--I'm such a sucker for the fabulous lives of the rich and famous.
I'd say the Grammys is one of the most entertaining award shows to watch--with loads of performances and collaborations of amazing artists. Besides the awards and music, my favorite part about the Grammys (and any award show) is of course, the fashion!

But before I jump into my picks for Yay or Nays of the fashion last night, I just wanna share my top 5 favorite moments of this year's Grammys:

1) P!NK. Oh my goodness. Her aerial performances never get old. I seriously don't know how she does it! And to add Nate Ruess and his voice of perfection to that equation made it probably my favorite performance of the night. 
2) Lorde's face when she won her Grammys. It was pure happiness and shock, which was so refreshing to see!
3) Imagine Dragons' performance. I'm just so proud of them! The fact that they got to perform at the Grammys is just awesome and shows how true talent can get you to the top. When Steven Tyler is singing along to your song, you know you've made it.
4) Neil Patrick Harris introducing Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder. Just because I LOVE How I met Your Mother and it felt like Barney was talking the whole time haha.
5) Lang Lang and Metallica's performance. Talk about two opposite world's colliding to make sweet, sweet music. Isn't that what the Grammy's are all about? ;)

Disclaimer: Some of my Yays might be your Nays and some of my Nays might be your Yays. Just remember this is simply my opinion! :) We all have our own unique taste in fashion and clothes! If you do disagree with any of my choices, I would love to hear about it in the comments section--but in a nicely manner (aka please don't attack me!!!)


Taylor Swift in Gucci Premiere
I was a little skeptical when Kelly Osbourne hinted at Tay's dress as "chainmail" during the pre-show, but she ending up looking completely phenomenal! It totally complimented her tall, slim figure--and it was classy yet edgy. I also adored her dress that she wore during her "All Too Well" performance.

Colbie Caillat in Ezra Santos
I love how Colbie is so versatile. She always looks amazing in her hippie, laid back attire, but then she can still be a showstopper in this sexy, sophisticated gown. And red looks ah-mazing on her.

Paris Hilton in Haus of Milani
Not a huge fan of Paris herself, but I had to admit I loved her dress. Some could say it's a tired, wedding dress-wannabe, but I think it's super vintage and elegant. I love the cutout patterns on the back and her hair complimented the dress perfectly!

Anna Kendrick in Azzaro
So this picture doesn't really do Anna/her dress justice (the white wall and flash kinda flushes everything out) but, on TV she look stunning! The front reminded me of Taylor Swift's dress at the AMAs--guess I like upside-down triangles! :)


Katy Perry in Valentino
Okay, I'M SORRY if anyone LOVED this dress because I really didn't. Everyone kept raving about how amazing she looked, but her dress reminded me of something a 3-year-old would wear when playing dress up! Music note print on any piece of clothing is just not really my forte. And the hair... bleh.

Madonna in Ralph Lauren
Okay Madonna, you've already done the pant suit thing, let's move on to something new. I just feel like Madonna is trying too hard to be "young and hip"--especially with her grill, oh gosh. Also, did anyone notice how snippy she was when Ryan Seacrest was interviewing her? Her face got super sour when Ryan asked her about her collaboration with Macklemore that night because apparently it was supposed to be a secret (even though I'm pretty sure it was public info already). And then she totally shut down her own child when he asked if he could get a grill for his birthday. Madonna needs to seriously chill--and remember her age.

Zendaya in Emanuel Ungaro
I think this girl is gorgeousssss but she has the worst taste in fashion! I've seem some other ensembles she's worn to events and they're all pretty Nay. However, the fact that she's only 17 gives her somewhat of a pass. I mean, whenever I look back at what I was wearing at 17 I want to kick myself.

Pharrell in Vivienne Westwood (hat)
I saved the best for last. Like, I don't even know what to say. I mean, THE HAT. Did he lose a bet or something? I kept thinking--Smokey the Bear, potato, Canadian police hat, Sorting Hat's cousin(my favorite, credit to my friend Ryan)... then I saw this and almost died laughing:
So good.

Anyway, hope you all got to catch the Grammys last night! It was mind-blowing (and very, very long).

What were your favorite parts of the Grammys?

Next up, OSCARS!!!

  1. Haha this made me laugh. Madonna looks ridiculous and when did Pharrell start looking so old?

  2. This is hilarious, I definitely agree about loving Taylors look and seriously, that hat on Pharrell is awful. I didn't get to watch the Grammys (no cable) so this was a nice little review, thanks!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. Loved Taylor's dress! And Colbie looked pretty too.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  4. Great recap! I totally agree with everything except for Paris. I don't like the dark nude panels. I like the shape of the dress though and her hair.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion


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