The pom of all poms

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beanie: c/o Cents of Style
Top: Madison and Sixth
Leggings: Madewell
Boots: c/o Khombu
Bag: old [similar]

First of all, THANK YOU for all your kind words last week on my "woe is me" post! Every one of your kind words helped so much and made me smile. It's so nice to be able to relate to people and know that you aren't alone on things. I'm definitely feeling a ton better this week and a big part of that is because of you folks! Seriously, I love you all.

Now on to this fabulous larger than life POM beanie! Cents of Style doesn't mess around when it comes to their poms, man. This Serena Over-Sized Beanie totally lives up to its name and is so much fun to wear! I've also made a goal to add more color to my wardrobe this Spring so I of course had to go with a bright blue for the color. ;) This beanie comes in six different colors so don't hesitate to get yourself one over at Cents of Style!

Did you guys catch The Oscars on Sunday?
Here are my top five favorite moments--in classic Ariel style--via GIFs:

5) NPH and Anna Kendrick getting trolled by Jack Black in the opening number.

4) The awesome possum.

3) Emma Stone getting a Lego Oscar (and her adorable reaction to it).

2) Awkward face-touching between Idina and John.

1) Lady Gaga's phenomenal performance being praised by Julie Andrews. #queenclarisse

Also, I discovered that there are such things as Seat Fillers at award shows. Who knew??
They are random people who come in and sit in the seats of celebrities who received an award or is about to present an award. Although I read up on it and found out that there are crazy strict rules/no pay if you become one, I still have officially made it one of my goals to become one someday. (:

 Steve Carell, the classiest seat filler of them all.

Hope you all have an amazing week! :)


  1. Love your outfit, you look so cute. :) Also loved your top 5 moments from the Oscars! <3

  2. I love your beanie Ariel!

  3. Such a cute an cozy look!
    xo Adri

  4. Cute beanie, and I am glad you are feeling better. Now if I could just have your good vibes come this way as I have been the "ick" one today.
    Rachel xo

  5. I'm loving that striped top!


  6. perfect casual outfit!

    xx nikki

  7. Cute outfit!! The hat really pops...Channing Tatum giggling in the last GIF...hehehe

  8. Your hat is so cute, I love the giant pom pom


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