Work It Out w/ Aeropostale: Look 1

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top: c/o Aeropostale
Leggings: c/o Aeropostale
Shoes: Nike

I mentioned on my Instagram a while back that I was doing Kayla Itsines' 12-Week Bikini Body Guide and I'm proud to announce that I'm still sticking to it and am currently on WEEK 11! It's crazy to think how fast time has flown by--it seems like it was just yesterday I was dying doing burpees on Day 1. But I've definitely noticed a difference in my body since I began the program! I took progress photos every 4 weeks and I'm nervous/excited/scared to share that with you guys when I'm officially done with Week 12. I had been shopping around for a good workout program for a while before I came across Kayla's and it's been by far my favorite! I'd definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to get healthy and back into shape. Also, a huge shoutout to my workout buddy Bri, because I don't think I would have survived these past 11 weeks without her. Doing a workout program like this is SO much easier when you've got someone going through the same pain and gain alongside you every week!

Since I've been going to the gym every day of the week (minus Sunday), I've had to amp up my workout wardrobe. I was an occasional gym-goer prior to doing the BBG so I literally had maybe 2-3 workout shorts and some old t-shirt from high school to wear for working out. So when I saw the variety of adorable workout gear on Aeropostale's site, I knew I had to snag some for myself! I tailored this outfit for when you want to go jogging outside on a chilly day. The leggings and long sleeves keep your body warm, but they're still lightweight so you don't overheat once you start sweatin'! Working out helps you towards looking your best, so why not look good while doing it? ;)

Also, I know its been a little bit of crickets around here lately and I wanted to apologize for that! I took a little break from the blogosphere (for multiple reasons, but nothing serious I promise) but I'm back and I'm so excited to share with you all some things that I've been working on!

Love you all and have an amazing Tuesday!


  1. I'm loving your running pants! They're way cute!


  2. Love the print of your leggings!

  3. love those pants! great colors!

    xx nikki

  4. I love this color combo! Good job with the program 😄

    Stylista Fitness


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