Bend the Rules w/ HP x360

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thanks to HP for sponsoring today's post!

Following the rules can be boring.
Breaking the rules can be frightening.
Bending the rules can be inspiring.

I've been wanting to add more decor to our home for a while now but whenever I find something in store or online that I want to get, I can't justify spending that much money on something so minimal. Recently, HP released an amazing Behind the Scenes video that features the creativity of a group of artists who came together using the HP x360 and bended the rules to create something amazing. Watching the video inspired me to think outside the box and create some home decor myself! Why spend $40 on something you can make yourself for $5?

I got together with my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren, and together we each created a DIY version of some cute felt garlands we saw online. All it required was several pieces of felt (stiffened felt is preferred so your cutouts hold their shape), a glue gun + glue sticks, string, and a reliable pair of scissors.

We created our own stencils on paper and then used them to cut out the actual pieces on the felt. Although finding pre-made stencils online is much easier, making them yourself is more fun because you can control how they look and be as creative as you want!

My little felt forest :)

Next we heated up our glue guns and carefully glued on the string to the backs of our felt pieces. Lauren and I spent more time than we needed to making sure our letters were facing the right way because it would have been a major fail if we got done and realized an E was backwards. One time in elementary school I was voted by my classmates to decorate our classroom door for a school contest. I was super excited and proud to be chosen until I got done with the project and realized the next day that I pasted an N on backwards and it was too late to change it. It was a major fail. Even for a 2nd grader.

Just a couple of busy bees.

Lauren made her 'Wild + Free' garland for the nursery of her little baby boy she's expecting in a couple months! I made my tree garland to hang in our bedroom (as shown in the first picture of this post).

The HP x360 Behind the Scenes video inspired me to bend the rules and do things my way. Instead of taking the easy way and just buying decorations online, I took charge and made them myself. It's definitely addicting doing these kinds of craft projects because it inspires you to keep making more things on your own! It also helps you discover hidden artistic talents that you either never knew you had or didn't use enough before.

In the video, a group of artists combined their creativity to create something visually incredible. I think that aspect of teamwork is what inspired me the most. Sometimes when you combine your artistic vision with someone else's, you bend the rules in ways you never though possible. That is a big reason why I chose to collaborate with Lauren. Not only is she a dear friend, but she is one of most creative people I know! She's always thinking of great ideas for projects and it's always a party hanging out with her. We want to encourage you to grab your bestie and collaborate on something creative this summer! Whether it's creating some crafts, trying out a new recipe, or even filming a cool video, let your creativity soar and find ways to bend the rules. Don't forget to watch the HP x360 Behind the Scenes video for inspiration!

Have an amazing weekend, friends!
Go do something great.


  1. amazing..
    thanks for sharing these tutorial..
    good idea

  2. I love these banners you made! I totally want to make some for my daughter's birthday!


    1. you should! they're so easy and fun to make! :) xx


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