Loose Summer Curls w/ NuMe + VIDEO

Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Hey friends!

Today I've got a fun hair tutorial for you folks! I'm showing you how I get my Loose Summer Curls using the NuMe 32mm wand. The curling wand comes from a 5-in-1 styling set called the NuMe Lustrum that allows you to interchange five different barrel types and sizes to achieve your target hairstyle! I made a VIDEO (yep, a video!) to show you how I get these curls and you can watch that at the bottom of this post, but first let me tell you a little bit about this specific styling set!

The NuMe Lustrum collection of five 100% tourmaline-infused ceramic heat barrels come in 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, Reverse, and Pearl to offer a variety of looks to keep you looking fab every day of the week! The wand powers up to a perfect 410°F in a matter of seconds, and the safe guard lock makes switching barrels quick and easy so that you can change up your style on a whim. The set also comes with a heat-resistant glove so your fingers don't get burnt, and a carrying case so you can store your Lustrum set neatly, as well as take it on the go!

I absolutely love the NuMe Lustrum collection because it's such a great quality curling wand! I noticed that whenever I use it, my hair is just as gorgeous and curly the next day! The fact that I get to have curls that last days without touch ups is such a time-saver! I also love that I definitely won't need to buy another curling wand anytime soon because of how versatile this set is. The NuMe Lustrum will last me years to come, consistently giving me amazing results!

Okay, now on to the tutorial! In the video below I show you how I personally get my Loose Summer Curls and go from the Before look on the left, to the After look on the right (referring to the photo above). This hairstyle is quick and easy, and perfect for the summertime. I had so much fun putting together this tutorial for you folks so I really hope you enjoy it! If you'd like me to continue doing similar tutorials and videos like this, let me know! I'd love to hear some ideas of what to do next! xx

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Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have that same kit, LOVE IT! I confess that I still keep the box that it came in...it was just too pretty. I also tried the pearl wand one...and yea, mine look like I stuck my hand in light socket...bad look.

    1. HAHAHA this comment seriously made my day! :) I really wanna try to learn how to properly use the pearl wand because I've seen some pics/tutorials of people using it and their hair looks amazing! I should have taken a picture of my hair when I first used it. I looked like Medusa haha xx


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