Strong Lash Review + Results

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Howdy folks.

Today I'm comin' atcha with a review of Strong Lash, an eyelash growth serum!

I'm Asian, so naturally I'm oh so blessed with thin, short, wimpy eyelashes. I've always been jealous of girls with thick, natural lashes because I need to put 5 layers of mascara on just to make it look like I even have eyelashes. I've tried eyelash extensions twice--but I like being able to touch my eyes/fully wash my face so those were fails--and I occasionally use falsies--but it's always depressing at the end of the day when I take them off and I'm back to short-lash reality. I just wanted real, long, natural, lashes.

I was excited to begin using Strong Lash because it has a clinically proven formula that promises fast, noticeable results. The first thing I noticed about it when I open up the bottle was that it had an extremely thin applicator brush attached to the cap--which I love! It's super convenient and you don't end up wasting excess eyelash serum on the brush after application, because you pop it right back into the bottle! When I applied it to the base of my upper and lower lashes, I felt no burning sensation in my eyes--which was such a relief because there was no way I would've been able to sleep that night if my eyes kept irritating me. The application process was SO easy and quick, it literally took me 15-20 seconds.

Below are my BEFORE and AFTER results of using Strong Lash for 8 weeks--and only using one bottle! I was so so SO happy with the results! I started noticing a difference in my lashes about a week after I started using the eyelash serum. One day I curled them and it was like BAM. Insta-lashes. Not only did the length of my lashes improve, my lashes got fuller. I used to have a awkward spaces between chunks of my lashes, but now they're sprouting up everywhere like weeds (the only time I'll positively compare something to a weed...). I actually get compliments on my lashes now, which I never ever ever used to before. Someone even asked if I had eyelash extensions once and I almost nearly died of joy.

Also, there is always that fear that eyelash serum could discolor your eyelids or even your actual eyes, but that is definitely not the case with Strong Lash. In fact, I felt like my eyelids actually looked a lot healthier after using it (for some reason my eyelids look very puffy and swollen in the Before pic, and way more normal in the After pic--coincidence? I think not).

I would highly recommend Strong Lash to anyone and everyone. I was really blown away by the results of my eyelash growth and just overall impressed with the product itself. If you have short Asian lashes like me, you should get it. If you just took off your eyelash extensions and need help growing back your lashes, you should get it. If you're naturally blessed with thick, full lashes, you should still get it (to get even thicker, fuller lashes, haha).

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Make sure you take advantage of this sweet deal so you can begin your journey towards dreamy, luscious lashes!

Thanks Strong Lash for helpin' me look purrrrrrty. xx

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


  1. Those pictures are pretty convincing. I might have to get some now!


  2. you make me want to go get it right now! I have those short Asian eyelashes too. Going to go check it out. Thanks for the review!


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