The Secret to Healthy Hair w/ Living Proof

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The thing I get complimented the most about (besides my killer dance moves) is my hair. I've probably gotten every question in the book asked about it. "Is that your real hair?" "Do you wear extensions?" "How does your hair grow so fast?" "How did you get it to be so long?" etc. etc. The question I get asked the most though is: "What's your secret to having such healthy hair?"

I'm going to be vain here for a sec guys. I will proudly admit that I was blessed with an amazing head full of luscious hair. Even though it has a mind of its own sometimes, it never fails to let me down when I want it to look However, my hair is quite the snob when it comes to products. If I use any type of generic, bargain brand of shampoo or conditioner, my hair can instantly feel it the moment I step out of the shower. It gets really tangled, feels really stringy, and gets oily very fast. So because my hair is a high-strung diva, I have to make sure I use top quality products to keep it happy and healthy.

Recently I decided to give Living Proof products a try and guys, my hair totally approves! From its amazing smell to top notch formulas, these babies have become my best kept secret to quality hair care...until now because I'm obviously sharing the secret with you. duh.

I love Living Proof because it caters specifically to your hair type, hair needs, and hair woes. They have a cool Product Selector tool that asks you a bunch of questions about you and your hair and then identifies which products best match your unique hair care needs! After I used the Product Selector tool, it matched me to these products (picture above).

All of these products helped fix any hair issues I had and enhanced the natural health and beauty of my locks. I was so impressed with my instant hair transformation--within a few days of using Living Proof I already noticed a huge difference in how my hair looked and even better, how my hair felt! 

Of all the Living Proof products I use, here are my top favorites:

Guys, is it sad that I didn't even know what dry shampoo was until I got to college? Why am I so behind on these things? Truth: I HATE washing my hair. It just takes so much time and effort and I'm so laaazzzyyyyyyy. Hence why dry shampoo is my BFF. Of all the dry shampoos I've tried in the past, this Perfect hair Day (PhD, get it? haha) dry shampoo is by far my favorite. Instead of just masking the oil on my roots, it actually cleans my hair. Yep, you read that right. This dry shampoo eliminates oil, sweat, and odor and works on all hair colors because it virtually leaves no visible residue or powdery build-up behind. Still skeptical? Watch THIS VIDEO where a group of Living Proof scientists put this dry shampoo through a "torture test!"

Conditioner is probably my favorite product I put in my hair (whenever I get around to actually washing it). I just love how good my hair feels right after I rinse it out--I know, I'm weird. I've noticed though with some conditioners I use--whenever I apply it on my hair, I have the hardest time combing it through with my fingers. Instead of "conditioning" my hair and detangling it, I end up ripping out gobs of hair just trying to apply it "root to tip." This restore conditioner detangles my hair as I apply it (hallelujah)! It also restores the moisture levels of my hair back to that of healthy, undamaged hair! It's also color safe, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and oil-free. Woohoo!

With all the curling, straightening, and color-dying I do to my hair, I'm pretty sure my ends want to murder me. They get disgustingly dry and frizzy--especially during the winter. This satin hair serum provides the smoothest hair possible and instant frizz protection. I just apply it to damp hair (avoiding the roots), blow dry, and voila! Instant smoothness. It also adds shine, movement and softness. It honestly makes my ends feel the way they do right after a haircut: healthy and fresh!

So there you have it! The answer to the infamous question about my hair.
Living Proof is the secret to my healthy hair. :)

I encourage you guys to set out on your own hair transformation to discover #YourBestHair with Living Proof! Use the Product Selector tool to see which products you are matched, give them a try, and brace yourself for a true hair transformation. Living Proof has beauty down to a science and your hair will be the living proof.

Have a fabulous {hair} day, guys!

ps. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my latest Fall Clothing Haul + Try On video HERE!


Thanks to Living Proof for sponsoring today's post!
All opinions and my love for these hair products are my own. #YourBestHair @livingproofinc
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