Let's Ride

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Backpack: c/o Just Porter
Model: my patient husband, Connor.

Earlier this month we went snowmobiling for our friend's birthday! It was my first time going so I was both nervous and excited, for valid reasons. My worst fear was flipping over and breaking my arm or leg or worse... haha. It ended up being wayyyy fun--mostly cus I made Connor stay on the trail and promise not to trying anything crazy. However, heads up to anyone planning on riding on the back--hold on tight because I was getting tossed and bounced around like a rag doll over those bumps! I thought I would enjoy riding in the back more but it turns out being the driver was way more fun (and less bumpy, my goodness) and I was less nervous because I was in control of our speed and navigation (mwahahaha). Overall I would definitely go again but if we had the dough to splurge, I would get separate snowmobiles. :D

We had some things we wanted to bring with us during our day trip up the mountains, like our lunch, my camera, etc. and our Just Porter Sable Rucksack was perrrrrrfect for keeping all those essentials safe (especially my camera, eek)! Not only was it spacey enough for us to pack all our things comfortably, but it's waterproof/snowproof so it kept everything dry and intact! We even ended up using the compression straps on the side of the bag to buckle in our large rucksack onto the snowmobile so we didn't have to worry about it flying off during those dang bumps. This backpack is seriously so perfect for outdoor winter activities like snowshoeing, camping, and of course snowmobiling. Make sure you check out Just Porter for the rest of their bag collection and maybe even snag one for yourself! For every bag sold, they give a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need! :)

Also, check out my previous blog post featuring Just Porter's smaller Streeter Backpack HERE!
Now excuse me while I swoon over how cool my husband looks in these pics. *sigh :)

Have a great Tuesday, friends!
& Happy Last Day of January! Dang you 2017, slow down already.


  1. ha how fun!!! Love the new model featured!


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