Hey MTV! Welcome to my crib!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

This past school year, Connor and I have nested ourselves in a cute, one bedroom apartment in Cambridge Court. As newlyweds, it was the perfect location and environment for us to meet other young couples and commute quickly to BYU. This August however, we are planning on moving out and over to another apartment complex in Provo. It is closer to our friends, Amy and Eddie, and we just feel like we are in need of a fresh start!

So there are two reasons for this post:

One, to finally show off all my effort of decorating and painting the apartment.

And two, to advertise it for all you Provo married couples who are looking for a place to live this fall!!

If you are interested, more information can be found HERE!!

And now here are some pic-a-tooors!

I'm sad to leave my cozy abode, but excited to start the next chapter of my life!!


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