Obsessed with Ombre

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yesterday I ventured on over to Suggestions Salon in Orem to get an amazing hair makeover by one of my favorite people in the world, Elise Rogers!!
Elise had already done an ombre on my hair a few months ago (as you can see in the "before" picture) but it was much more subtle version of it. With summer making its presence, I decided to enhance it for a brighter and dramatic look!

Here's a couple "before" pictures:

I have a TON of hair. So you can imagine how LONG it took for Elise to add bleach and how much foil it took!! If there are such things as foil trees out there, I murdered an entire forest that day.

After washing out the dye and detangling my dreads, Elise gave me some fun layers!

I am in LOVE with the end results!!! Elise did an amazing job and I HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants a perfect ombre to go to her to get it done (and basically anything else salon-related)!!!

Before and After!!!

Love this girl!


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