Peach Coconut Dream Smoothie // I'm Going GREEN!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So I've been noticing a trend lately in the health nut world:
GREEN smoothies!

If you don't know what green smoothies are, click here.

When I first heard about these "green" smoothies, I was a little grossed out. I don't know if it was because they were the color green, or because it was a blend of fruit AND vegetables. Or maybe it was both. 
This summer, I went back home to visit my family and friends in Hawaii. I always make it a tradition to stop by and visit my best friend Brady's house. Over the years his family has become like a second family to me, so I always enjoy paying a visit to his parents even if he isn't home (which in this case, he was not). Brady's mom, Kerinne is a health nut (and it shows--she is a babe!) so she told me about this 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge she was doing though this site called Simple Green Smoothies, and encouraged me to try it out.
Now, I'm not the healthiest lady in the world. I snack on greasy food late at night and would rather watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars than go exercising. But I've always wanted to make it a goal to become healthier! So although I was hesitant, I trusted in my Aunty Kerinne's taste in food enough to give it a go.

So after several weeks, I finally got around to it this morning and MADE A GREEN SMOOTHIE. I started with a smoothie that at least had a yummy sounding title: Peach Coconut Dream. I followed the recipe, blended it right up, and poured it into a mason jar.....

One sip and I was changed for the better. 
(shoutout to Wicked)

It was delicious! I couldn't even taste the entire cup of spinach that I put in! It was refreshing, tasty, and best of all: healthy! I am seriously hooked and can't wait to try the rest of the smoothies on the SGS site! I also signed up to do the 30-Day Challenge for October which you can do right here!

Since I am now on this "green" kick, I'll be posting every green smoothie I make on my blog and sharing the recipe with you all! I'll start off with sharing the one I made this morning:

Peach Coconut Dream
2 cups spinach, fresh
1 cup coconut water (I used coconut milk cus I didn't have any c-water!)
2 cups grapes
2 cups peaches

Blend spinach and coconut water until smooth. 
Next add the remaining fruits and blend again.
*Use at least one frozen fruit to make the green smoothie cold

Recipe credit to Simple Green Smoothies

Auteur Ariel has officially gone GREEN!
For smoothies that is. I'll eventually get around to saving the world, too.
And don't forget to check out Simple Green Smoothies! They have tons of awesome recipes and information on green smoothies.

Stay Classy.
  1. Mmm...This looks so good, and healthy to boot! I'm new to green smoothies, too, but this looks great. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!


  2. I've seen this challenge before! I've always wanted to try it! Maybe I will now :)

  3. I drink almond milk because I am lactose intolerant, but I never even thought of drinking coconut!! YUM!! And I love making green smoothies, I need to try this one!! Thanks for sharing!! :)


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