The Hunt x Fall Must-Haves GIVEAWAY

Monday, October 28, 2013

You're browsing through Pinterest and see an adorable sweater. You want to buy it. You need to buy it. You already picture yourself wearing the sweater to your friend's dinner party next week. You click on the pin so you can go to the store that sells the sweater..... only the pin doesn't lead you to the store. It leads you to another page with the same picture. A dead end.
You leave a comment on the pin asking where the sweater is from. No answer.
You ask your friends if they've seen this sweater anywhere. No luck.
You even google search the description of the sweater. No results.

You sit in front of your computer in defeat.
You can see your daydream of wearing the sweater to the dinner party slowly slip away.
Goodbye sweater.

Well guess what, sweater lover.

It's called The Hunt!
The Hunt is a social shopping site that tracks down the items you covet but don't know where to find or how to style. If you've ever been on Pinterest or Tumblr only to discover an item you love but don't know where to buy, that's where The Hunt comes in!

Users can easily upload photos that they find on the Internet and their community of style hunters can suggest similar or exact items based on the user's needs. Anyone can begin a Hunt and anyone can add a find to a Hunt! You can start Hunts for exact items, similar items, looks for less, or ask others to help you style certain items! The Hunt has more than 400,000 users from around the world including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada, and more!

I've used The Hunt to solve my own online fashion woes and it has gone above and beyond my expectations!
Check out my experience:
While on Pinterest, I found these three adorable Fall Must-Haves that I was dying to have. Only I didn't know where to find them or what they were! So I hopped onto The Hunt and uploaded their pictures hoping someone could solve my problem!

When I posted this Hunt, I asked for something "Similar To This" because I wasn't very picky on the brand or color. I just really wanted a plaid scarf similar to the one this girl was wearing. Lo and behold, within several minutes a Find was posted with a link to this adorable ZARA plaid scarf! It was the perfect Find!
View my Hunt for this scarf HERE. 

I am obsessed with earcuffs so when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to find it! I wanted this exact earcuff so when I posted my Hunt I labeled it as "This Exactly." This one was a challenge for Hunters because it took a couple days before a Find was posted, but it was so worth the wait because when it finally was found, I got an exact link to Forever 21's site where this exact earcuff was sold!
View my Hunt for this earcuff HERE.

Maroon nail polish is a no-brainer when it comes to Fall Must-Haves. OPI is my favorite brand of nail polish so naturally I wanted to find the exact color of nail polish in this picture. I was a little nervous because I didn't know if anyone would be able to find it going off just a color, but a Hunter came to my rescue and found a link to this OPI nail polish, called Skyfall--providing me with even two links, one to eBay and one to Amazon! Double Jackpot!
View my Hunt for this nail polish HERE.

So here are my three Fall Must-Haves that I was able to find with The Hunt! Thanks to The Hunt, I am no longer frowning in front of my computer staring at the scarf, earcuff, and nail polish of my dreams with no hope. I have three perfect Finds!

Seriously guys, check out The Hunt! It's the cure for outfit envy and Pinterest coveting. It makes online shopping an interactive and rewarding experience! The Hunt is also a great way to find new places to shop, discover new blogs, and a fun way to show your love of style with others. You can even use The Hunt on the go by downloading the iPhone app HERE!

  1. Awesome giveaway♥ I have entered.

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway .. Love the tartan scarf!

    Laura xx
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  3. Awesome Giveaway!!! I also was searching for that green scarf last's actually Mary S. with @HappilyGrey 's photo!! She finds killer scarves!! The Zara scarf for this year is amazing!!!!


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