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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coat: c/o Persun Mall
Boots: Forever 21
Necklace: Wet Seal

Winter--or rather, cold weather--brings up a problem when it comes to fashion:
You put on a super cute outfit, but then you have to cover it all up with a coat so you don't freeze when you step out of the house. And if you're like me, you have that one, same old coat that you wear every day, so BASICALLY, it's like you're wearing the same outfit every day.
Solution to this problem?
Fill your wardrobe with lots of cute, warm coats! (:
That way, you can switch it up a bit at least with your outerwear.
It's a bummer because coats are admittedly on the expensive side of clothes, but if you leave in an area where winter dominates 6 out of 12 months, trust me--it's a good investment.

If you're looking for a shop that has awesome, yet affordable merch, Persun Mall has a great selection of stylish coats to keep you warm this holiday season. My olive woolen coat is classy and cute, and it keeps the cold air out!  

B T Dubs, after I uploaded these pictures I realized how my hands are MIA in every shot.
twas cold, okay?


We landed in Seattle a couple nights ago and I am sooooo enjoying just being able to RELAX every day so far. Winter break has officially begun! I'm looking forward to just hanging with the in-laws for the next couple weeks and celebrating Christmas with family. (:

En route to Seattle with ma boyz. We got to ride in a new Delta plane--did you know you're allowed to use your Personal Electronic Devices now below 10,000 feet??? Oh, and complimentary movies are back so I got to watch Despicable Me 2. Best flight ever!
Obviously, I was the only one excited to go get a Christmas tree...
I finally found what I want for Christmas! :)

Hope you are enjoying your holiday break!!!

  1. I love that coat too! Even though I live in either Wisconsin or Boston during the cold winter months, for some reason I only own two coats and a dull old windbreaker. But sounds like you had a great start to the break! Hope you enjoy the time with your family :]

  2. You are darling! Love that coat! xo


  3. Great coat! And you have such beautiful hair!

    X Sara


  4. Gorgeous winter outfit. And the boots of course, I'm addicted to boots. I'm glad I came across your blog, I love it. You have a new follower :)


  5. LOVE that jacket and those booties! So pretty!
    Have an amazing holiday! :)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  6. I love olive, so obviously I adore this coat! Plus your brown booties are so perfect!
    This Ever Evolving Life
    Blue Nile Giveaway!

  7. Awesome outfit! I have a similar jacket :) I gotta fly Delta!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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