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Friday, March 21, 2014

TGIF! Today, I'm guest posting on Mindy Mae's Market's blog--woohoo! Check out my post HERE. I'll be posting the same outfit to my blog sometime next week, so check back later for more details on that! xx

Sweater: c/o toADORN
Necklace: c/o Pure Impressions

In the words of Hot Chelle Rae,
"It's been a really, really messed up week."

I got called into work on Monday which is usually my day off, Connor got attacked by his evil appendix on Tuesday (read all about that here), we were in the hospital all day on Wednesday (the surgery went well--thank you all for your good vibes!), and I spent yesterday catching up on school/blogging and running errands. And to top it all off? The Pretty Little Liars spring finale was a LET DOWN.

wah wah wah.

But you know what?


The week is finally over. I'm moving on.
Now it's the freakin' weekend.

and I'm ready to party.

and when I say party,
I mean, hang out in my sweats, eat junk food, and watch March Madness all day.
I obviously know how to party.

Hope everyone had a good week to make up for my rather sad one!


I mentioned it above but I want to say it again:

to everyone who wished Connor well and kept him in their thoughts!
I was so overwhelmed by all the nice comments everyone left on my blog--you guys are seriously the best. The best part of this meh week was realizing the amazing people Connor and I have in our lives. In the 16 hours we were in the hospital, we had numerous visitors. We came home to a table and fridge full of groceries courtesy of Connor's amazing brother and sister-in-law. We got dinner brought to us by one of Connor's best friends.

We seriously appreciate every text, phone call, comment, and good vibe that was sent our way.


  1. Okay that sweater looks amazazinng on you! and you crack me up about partying in sweats. You have inspired me and my weekend now!

  2. Sorry you've had a bad week, but cheers to the weekend! Cute sweater!


  3. Love that sweater! it looks so comfy!

  4. Great pics! Gorgeous sweater.

  5. Love this sweater it looks so cozy and chic!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. Like everyone else is saying, I really Want that sweater :) :)

  7. cute sweater!
    xx Stephanie (

  8. Oh Ariel, with my surgery {suddenly but scheduled} I had no info regarding Connor. How scarey is that? Appendix can really be an huge and frightening ordeal. Man! So glad he is on the mend and you had surgery lately, and now moi, man! Hospitals are not fun and surgery is not either. I'm glad many bought you food and prayed and all. I would have if I had known. Thanks for being loyal to Fashion item Friday, I sure appreciate it so much! ♥


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