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Saturday, March 22, 2014

As of this past Thursday, it's officially SPRING! :)

In honor of this wonderful season, I decided to tidy up my blog a bit and give it a little makeover! Also, if you notice in your URL box, I'm officially a domain! I've taken off the blogspot training wheels and embraced the .com! Hope you folks like all the changes as much as I do!

Below are my five essentials for the spring season...
1) Camera bag: c/o Jane
-This adorable camera bag totally kicks my old tiny, unflattering camera bag in the toosh. I love the gold stripes on it--I actually feel cute carrying around my camera now! It's also great because it has a ton of room in it, allowing me to carry my camera and my purse contents as well!

2) Color-frame sunglasses: Urban Outfitters [similar]
-Bright, fun-colored shades can officially come out and play! I have a whole collection of these babies that I'm excited to wear during these upcoming sunny days!

3) Polaroid Camera: Fujifilm Instax MINI
-I never leave on an adventure without my nifty polaroid camera. Polaroids are perfect for capturing spring memories and make the cutest decorations [click HERE for a cool DIY Polaroid Display I made a few months ago].

4) Floral Crown: Francesca's
-Floral Crowns are taking over my life this spring. I've bought so many already--it's kind of pathetic. Something about them just screams spring and summer! I want to wear one with every outfit!

5) Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret
-I might be pushing it a bit with a swimsuit being one of my essentials, but hey. I've been waiting half a year for warm weather so the moment it's kind of okay to start soaking up the sun, I'm there. I need to add more one-pieces to my collection, so if you know of any places that have cute, yet affordable one-pieces, let me know!

Also, this week I discovered how to make GIFs.
I'm addicted.
and I'm pretty sure my friends want to strangle my neck every time I send them another one of myself.
But oh well.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

  1. lol so fun! I love gifs but havent made one of myself yet.. maybe a good weekend activity lol
    PS I'm loving the new layout!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Your blog looks so good! Ive been thinking of doing some spring cleaning on mine.
    Pretty Lovely

  3. I love the swim suit and color. I can wait to jump into mine in a few weeks! I always enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Love that swim suit. : ) A really cute blog design.


  5. I'm doing a blog post Monday on all about swimsuits! I found a bunch of cute ones including one-pieces that are affordable and cute! Feel free to stop by!

  6. Great picks ! And oh the wonders of GIFS !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  7. You are the gif queen!!! We're not worthyyyyyy


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