Short hair, Don't care.

Monday, March 31, 2014

top, vest, sandals, purse, necklace, chain bracelet: c/o Aeropostale
skirt: c/o Gypsy Threads // floral crown: Francesca's // wrap bracelet: c/o Eclectic Star

Here it is!

The debut of my new short locks!
What do you guys think?

It's weird, I thought that the moment I chopped them off I would start bawling or completely regret it. But once it was cut, I felt.....relieved.

The last time I cut my hair this short was my sophomore year of high school. It wasn't the most flattering cut because the hairdresser kind of butchered the layers and gave me some horrid highlights, so I vowed to grow out my hair since. The past 7 years I've only trimmed it an inch or two whenever I'd go into the salon. Until now.

With graduation approaching and the end of a 5-year chapter of my life coming up, what better time than now to try out a new look? I've been craving a change for a while now, and a haircut was the craziest thing I could come up with (I passed on a painful tattoo and already went through a piercing phase in high school). I've had a lot of ups and downs these past few years but I've become a stronger person since. I know this sounds silly, but I felt like my long hair was a symbol of my past. Once I cut it off, I had a fresh start. A new beginning. 

And so far, I've had no regrets.

Oh, and shoutout to Aeropostale for having amazing apparel that's perfect for this upcoming spring and summer season! I'll be wearing this floral top and denim vest a lot, especially during them warm days when the sun comes out to play (which is hopefully a lot!). Head over there to check out their latest collections and sales! You won't be disappointed.


  1. So cute! It makes me want to cut my hair!

  2. This outfit is so cute! I love your short hair too!!

    Madison Martine

  3. I really love that your hair cut worked out this time. It's a cute cut. love the skirt. Great look!


  4. Love the hair and that outfit!!!! So cute!!!!

  5. Your hair looks so cute! I love the cut on you. I did the same thing last year, I cut about 6 inches off of my hair because I needed a change.

  6. Short hair looks great on you! Super cute cut. =)

    I hope you have a great week!


  7. This outfit is so cute! xx
    New follower on Bloglovin' - Love your blog! ^___^

    C:ndy |

  8. Your hair looks adorable! I totally agree that sometimes we just need a new look., and that's totally okay! Super cute, girl!

  9. It looks so good! I've been wanting to make the big chop to my hair, too. I've been growing it out for years though, so I haven't been brave enough to do it yet!

    Smitten with Sunday

  10. Love the hair and this outfit.

  11. Your hair looks really pretty!!
    Love the denim vest too!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  12. you cut your hair!! Love that leather skirt!

  13. i had super long hair too and i cut it about 6 months ago… no regrets! you look super cute! i love it!

    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  14. seriously such a babe. and I totally understand what you're saying about the relief. I had a really similar experience in october when I chopped off whatever length I had. It was so exciting, and i was surprised how at peace I felt about it.


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