Lavender Love

Monday, May 19, 2014

Flower Crown: c/o Miss Stevi Marie
Dress: borrowed from my girl, Amy

It's no secret that I love flower crowns. 
It's also no secret that I love custom-made jewelry and accessories.

Knowing those two facts, you can tell my excitement when Miss Stevi Marie sent me a custom-made flower crown!!! Miss Stevi Marie makes boho-chic flower crowns and jewelry and sells them on her adorable Etsy shop. After I told her a little about myself and my sense of style, she made me this lavender plant inspired, flower+herb crown for me and it was PERFECT. I couldn't wait to wear it out and about! If you're ever on the hunt for a custom-made flower crown, Miss Stevi Marie is your girl. She also has some pre-made crowns in her shop as well that you can choose from!

A couple life updates:

--We had Rita's for the first time! They finally opened one up in Provo and I've always wanted to try them out! I'd see them all over Instagram so I'm glad I finally got to join in on the fun!
--We found out that Samson isn't a fan of car rides. A couple minutes in he starts whimpering and shaking. We finally discovered that if you wrap him up in a towel or blanket and hold him real tight, he feels much better.
--I've been binge watching Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix and it's a problem. I'm seriously obsessed with these crazy pageant moms and bratty divas. #guiltypleasure
--The Bachelorette premieres tonight!!! After the catastrophe of last season, I'm excited to finally see someone who is actually on the search for true love. And if Andi doesn't find her Juan true love? Then Es Ok. ;)

Hope everyone kicks those Monday Blues in the booty!


  1. Super gorgeous dress! When my dog was a puppy he wasn't a fan of car rides either (he would shake like crazy!) but he got used to it on a drive to California and now he just loves to stick his head out the window! Must be a small dog thing haha.

  2. that flower crown is gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful look, and what a darling doggie. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. Lovely look! The flower crown is gorgeous :) x

  5. Bahahaha love your last sentence. Great play on words. I will be watching as well!

  6. Lovely outfit. The flower crown looks perfect with the white dress and booties.
    Samson is adorable! <3

  7. Love that dress! So pretty on you! I love the floral headband!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  8. I can honestly say I've never donned a floral headband, but dang, you make me want one so bad! They look so natural on you! Just beautiful! Carylee |

  9. I love your crown. I don't think I could wear one here in Manchester UK! but of I ever have a holiday out in the country I will think of getting one. It suits you andI love the colour. I like the way you are wearing a white dress which doesn't detract from the lavender.


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