Things to S M I L E about

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Top: c/o Oasap
Cardigan: c/o Aeropostale -- Bethany Mota Collection
Shorts: old
Headband: c/o Oasap
Sandals: c/o Mindy Mae's Market

summer sunshine
puppy kisses
bike rides
picnics in the park
ocean breeze
hammock naps
water slides
movie nights
ice cream
the existence of Disneyland

These are just a handful of things to smile about in life!
Whenever you're feeling down or are in a rut, just remember this list (or your own list) and let your smile come to life! If you need a little constant reminder throughout the day, wear something with a positive motto or message on it, like this SMILE top from Oasap! I love this top because it reminds me to smile and be happy! Life is just too short to not be positive and cheerful every day.

Anyway, enough of this sappy stuff ;)

Funny story:
When I was taking pictures of this outfit, I kept hearing this loud noise nearby. It sounded like a high-pitch cackle and it wouldn't stop--it just kept going and going and going. Finally I looked around and spotted the source of the noise: a weird looking bird with black stripes and long legs (any bird experts out there?). I kid you not guys, it was standing there staring at me and LAUGHING. This little dang bird was mocking me!!! It wouldn't go away so I chased it and rather than flying away like a normal bird, it RAN AWAY. Like, what? It's as if it was mocking me by showing me he didn't need to cheat and use his wings to get away from me... Mean little bird...

Left: When I first noticed the weird noise | Right: Chasing away the bird. If you look closely, you can see the bird (it's the little black spot in the middle of the road next to the crack)

This was a LITERAL mocking bird, guys.


  1. Love the pop of color in your hair!

    xx, Kristy

  2. Love the shirt. I may have to go pick that up. I'm always up for positive clothing :)

    Allison over at Allison's Eye

  3. omg your outfits are always cute and you are sooo sweet


  4. Love your fun pictures. I'm a real fan of graphic prints so I love your top loads and it goes well with denim.

  5. I'm such a dork. I saw that your cardigan was from the Bethany Mota collection and I got so happy. Bethany is great!...ADORABLE outfit, Miss Ariel(:

  6. How funny! Your look is cute!


  7. Haha I love your expression when you noticed the bird. On another note, I love your teal headband. So fun. :] // ☼

  8. Cute tee! Haha, the last two photos are too funny :P

  9. Such great shots! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  10. haha that bird cracks me up! PS I also like your outfit:)

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  12. This outfit is really nice and I like very much the cardigan!
    With Love Alexandra,


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