Feather Dream GIVEAWAY

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hi buddy!
(Lego Movie, anyone?)

So I have this super cool friend named Keri and she is an amaaaaaazing artist and graphic designer. Like one of those people who can make anything and everything look pretty. She could draw a stick figure and you'd want to frame it. She even has this awesome Instagram account called numberoftheday where she posts a unique graphic for every day of the year (see what I'm talking about here). 

Keri recently moved from the mainland back to Hawaii, so she asked me if I could help her find a new home for one of her favorite original paintings. The painting is the amazing feather one in the pictures you see above and below! Yes, I know--like I said, she's amazing. I mean, look at the intricate detail she put into every feather! She even gave me her painting of a pretty Native American woman for me to hang in my home (shown in one of the pictures above)! Even more proof of her fantastic talent? She put together the main graphic of the giveaway aka the first picture in this post.

So what am I going to do with this beautiful feather painting?
Give it to one of you guys, of course!

It's a 16x20 canvas piece and will go to one lucky winner who enters the Rafflecopter below!

Between you and me, I have a gut feeling that Keri is going to become a super famous artist one day and if you win this giveaway, you'll be able to brag to your friends that you have an original Keri piece hanging in your home.

Make sure to complete as many entries as you can to increase your chance at winning!
 Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Bye Buddy!
(Elf, anyone?)

  1. LOVE the feathers! So simplistic, yet beautiful!

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  3. 199 is my favorite number of the day! I'm moving to Jackson, MS next weekend and would love to have this hanging in my new place {I'll be sure to brag on Keri anytime someone asks about the canvas}. Plus I'm obsessed with Samson and he's just too cute posed next to it!!

  4. My favorite numberoftheday graphic is from day 160 - beautiful colors!

  5. oh my gosh, i LOVE that feather print!! So pretty! My favorite number graphic is the one with the background of the beach. The beach is my happy place. LOL

  6. The feather print is amazing! I would love a print that said 415!

  7. 114 is my favourite but it is hard to pick just one!

  8. I like 218, but there are so many pretty ones!

  9. My favorite is 215 because that's my birthday. Raine on RC buzzyngabe(at)yahoo.com


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