Monday, September 15, 2014

Top: c/o Cents of Style via Jane
Jeans: c/o Abaday
Boots: thrifted [similar]
Headband: c/o Kelsey's Feathers
Necklace: c/o Le Tote
Bracelet: c/o LuLu*s [similar]
Earrings: c/o Billie+Betty

Hey fraaaaans. 

I have been challenged by Jane.com and Cents of Style to participate in their #BeTheGood campaign! And as Barney Stinson would confidently say, challenge accepted! What sweet opportunity to do something, big or small, for another person. Through this challenge I chose to pick up someone's dinner tab anonymously.

The other night Connor and I went out to eat dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Towards the end of our meal, we saw an old, scruffy-looking man enter the restaurant and sit down at a table. I don't know if he was homeless or not, but I could definitely tell he didn't have the most ideal lifestyle. Right as we were about to pay our bill, I had this feeling that we should pay for his tab as well. Connor agreed that we should (another reason I love the man so dearly) so we asked our waiter to add the old man's dinner tab to our check, paid, and left the restaurant. I'll never know how the old man reacted to hearing that his dinner was paid for, but I'll always remember that feeling Connor and I left with. The feeling that we did something good. Sure, Connor and I have our own financial struggles and stresses, but we have to remember that there is always someone out there that has it worse than us.

 I challenge all of you to take a part in this movement and spread goodness throughout! I also personally challenge Jessica, Lauren, Rachel, Gentri, & Bri! Good luck my friends--you have 24 hrs to complete a service or act of kindness (kind of like the Ice Bucket Challenge, minus the ice water). See below for details: 

1. Choose a good deed. Could be as simple as paying for the coffee or meal after yours.
2. Share your goods. Pick your favorite social channel (Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc.), but first, make sure to take a selfie (or something appropriate to your story), and share your story, big or small. Be sure to use these hashtags to help this campaign spread: #BeTheGood #JaneCares and #CentsofStyle. You’ll see your story featured on Jane.com!
3. Tag 1-5 of your friends to do the same within a 24 hr period.
4. Look stylish while doing it! Jane.com and Cents of Style are selling some super cute #BeTheGood t-shirts on Jane.com. All profits made will be donated to Girls Inc. an organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Even an awkward hug counts.

 Good Luck!


  1. hahaha I don't know why the awkward hug gif made me laugh so hard but it really did. Hard enough for me to choke on my hot tea. haha! Anywayyyyy, you are such a sweetheart for paying for that man's dinner. You never know what anyone is struggling with and you probably made is day...maybe even his month!

  2. What a great post, love! I'm also totally obsessed with your headband/hair in these pics! SO pretty!

  3. This made me teary-eyed. What a great act of kindness! Thank you for participating!
    -Cents of Style

  4. Remember that one time those people make a group huddle for like 5 mins beside us...

  5. i love the jeans!!



  6. Loved this story!! It gave me such a good feeling just reading about it!



  7. I love these challenges, they always remind me of how many good people there are in the world. Thanks for sharing with me.

  8. Umm... you look ahMAZing! Thank you so much for supporting this #BeTheGood campaign! This thing has blown up much bigger than we could have ever hoped for, and a lot of the credit goes to wonderful bloggers like you! Thanks Ariel! And awesome job paying for that meal!


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