Bloopers of 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

I don't always do bloopers, but when I do, I do them for the entire year.
view 2013 bloopers here

Here we go...
I hope we can still be friends after you see me in my natural habitat...

 I'm obviously showing off my driving skills.  |  Practicing my Captain Morgan stance.
 How I felt that day about the weather...  |  Just scratchin' my neck, totally normal.
 Just as the sun went behind the clouds. You can tell I was very happy about it.  |  How do I even have friends?
We kept hearing REALLY weird noises in that neighborhood  |  Basking in the rays of light.
 The wind is my BFF (sorry if this pic gives you nightmares)  |  Don't even ask because I don't remember.
 Apparently tree houses aren't completely sturdy...  |  Ariel is not impressed.
 Open eyes are overrated.  |  Making sure my hips didn't lie.
I couldn't stop laughing when I found this pic. Pretty sure I'm related to Kim K somehow. |  My "okay-I'm-over-taking-pictures-now-let's-go-get-a-burger" face.

I know what you're thinking.
Why don't I use these pictures as my actual outfit photos?

It just wouldn't be fair to the world to unleash my real talents.
Once a year is enough.

K have a great weekend!


  1. Very cool retrospective Ariel!

  2. hahaha I love outtake photos. So good!

  3. Hahaha, I loved this! My bloopers are not usually as interesting as this!

    Corinne x

  4. i was totally thinking of doing a blog post like this too!!! you have inspired me.. look out for my bloopers soon! ;)

  5. these were great. Happy New Year : )

  6. haha I am dying! I love all of these and your comments for each one! I may need to do this next year

    The Style Record

  7. I just think you are so great and I wish I could be like you. You always put a smile on my face!

    Love, Allison

  8. genius! i love this bloopers idea. i might have to steal it sometime!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  9. these are funny! you're so cute!

    xx nikki

  10. I love this! I think all bloggers should should do a end-of-year bloopers post. Similar to #theunpolishedlife hashtag trend...
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  11. Haha I love these! :) What a great way to end the year and be real and authentic with your readers! Love your posts :)


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