The perfect Monday outfit

Monday, January 12, 2015

Top: c/o Southern Shirt
Leggings: Madewell
Beanie: Madison and Sixth
Necklace: c/o Song Yee Designs
Boots: c/o LuLu*s

Peoples of the Internet, I present to you:
The perfect Monday outfit.

You're obviously still in lazy mode when the big M rolls around, so who says you have to fully let go of the weekend? Throw on a comfy--but very cute--oversized top, leggings, and your favorite beanie (because nobody's got time for hair on Mondays) and voila! An outfit that is presentable but casual. You're ready to take on the week by storm, with the comfy support of the weekend. :)

Today's cozy Monday top is brought to you by a lovely company called Southern Shirt. They make the comfiest shirts--ranging from long sleeve to short sleeve to tank tops! I looooove the colors they have to offer in each style of shirt and most of their stuff is unisex so that's right ladies: MATCHING TOPS WITH YOUR LOVERRRRRR!!! *winkwink

Treat yourself to a Southern Shirt right away because if you use the code ARIEL10 before January 31st, you can get 10% off your order! These babies are perfect for lounging, sleeping, shopping, exercising, snowboarding, mountain climbing, hopscotching, nunchucking, computer hacking--you name it.

Also, just a friendly reminder that The Bachelor is on tonight.
I've been binge watching Parks and Recreation these past couple weeks so I'm obsessed with this lady at the moment.

Speaking of Amy Poehler, how awesome were she and Tina last night on the Golden Globes?
They never disappoint.
Award season is always a good season.


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