Feeling blue...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweater: c/o AMIclubwear
Scarf: Forever 21 [buy one get one free right now!]
Leggings: Madewell
Socks: c/o Aeropostale
Boots: c/o Ariat

...Don't worry, I mean the color not the feeling ;)

I was looking back on my recent blog posts and I noticed that I don't really wear the color blue a lot. I mean, technically I shy away from colors in general and when I do add color, it's a pop of red or maroon, but the color blue apparently doesn't exist in my wardrobe... until now.

This blue sweater cardigan from AMIclubwear makes all the other blue sweater cardigans run home crying to their mommy. Yeah, I went there. The knit is blue, the buttons are blue, even the faux fur lining inside is bluer than blue. If I'm going to wear a color I hardly ever wear on my blog, I might as well do it with a BANG, right? Plus, the warm-ness of this sweater is beyond belief. It was freezing that day I took these pictures but I was staying nice and toasty thanks to Mr. Bluey. It's got the thickness of a wool coat but the coziness of a sweater.

Also, is it just me or does my hair look extremely redder than usual in these pictures?
Don't know if it's the lighting, the blue-ness of my wardrobe, or the amazingness of my hairdresser, Kaity.
It's probably definitely the last one.

One more thing.
Yesterday I re-discovered the beautiful fact that Steve Carell was the neighborhood cop in the classic and highly rated film, Sleepover.
Like, WHAT?
I love it when you learn that your favorite actor or actress was in a movie you watched forever ago and you had no idea at the time.
Oh, Neighborhood Cop Steve.....
You have no idea the success the future has in store for you.

So good.


  1. Gorgeous colours!


  2. You look so good in blue! And I love that your sweater is lined with fur. It looks so nice and warm. Much needed on a cold dreary day!

  3. that sweater looks so cozy!

    xx nikki

  4. I love your cardie Ariel!

  5. What a perfect scarf for winter!!! Hope you're having a good year so far! xoxo

  6. That scarf is awesome and the cardigan looks great on you!


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