Leaving on a jet plane...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Tomorrow I'm hopping on a plane back home to Hawaii! The decision to travel was pretty last minute--I found out some news earlier this month and I just had a strong feeling that I needed to go home and be with my family while they went through some personal things. It's always a treat to spend time with my parents because they live so far away, but of course I wish the situation were a little different! Also, turns out tickets to Hawaii are pretty cheap this time of year... can they stay the same price during Christmas PLEASE?

Anyway, because I'm prepping for my voyage across the Pacific Ocean, I figure it would be fun to put together a little list of my traveling essentials! These are things that keep me sane during a five (FIVE) hour flight and help make traveling overall a little easier!

1) FRENDS Headphones: If I ever forgot to bring headphones on a flight, I think I would cry the entire way. I mean, without headphones you can't listen to music, watch a movie, or block out all that unnecessary noise that comes with flying. MAJOR essential.
2) Frye Flats: I always make sure I wear a pair of comfortable, easy to put on, flats. I'd rather not spend ten minutes lacing up a pair of boots after security check and I've experienced having to walk across a very large, very spacious airport in a pair of uncomfortable shoes and it was NOT fun.
3) SOLOW Leggings: I don't understand how anyone wouldn't wear leggings on a long flight (unless you are a man. then I understand). Why would you torture yourself by wearing a pair of tight jeans on an airplane? I don't even like sitting on my couch to watch TV in my jeans! #teamleggings
4) Flight 001 Blanket: The thing about airplanes--I mean, ONE of the things about airplanes--is you can't control the temperature. I'm notorious for being cold all the time (I even get cold in Hawaii) so having a blanket I can bundle up in is verrrrry nice. Also, the colder I am, the more often I need to use the restroom, which is a PAIN on planes.
5) CHRLDR T-Shirt: To keep things balanced, my shirt needs to have the same level of comfort as my leggings. It's only fair, right? I always go for soft, loose shirts that lets my skin breathe during the day. An additional note: If I'm flying a red-eye, I usually bring an extra set of clothes to change into when I land because it's the closest thing to a shower I can get to in an airport.
6) Flight 001 Shoe Bag Set: Have you ever put a pair of shoes in your suitcase with the rest of your clothes and when you land, find that all your clean clothes are dirtied by your shoes? I have. One too many times. I love these nifty little bags that keep your shoes to themselves so you don't have any unwanted mixing and mingling!
7) Books with Style: Is it sad that the only time I read books are during travel? I really need to change that and expand my reading hours. A good book is always a blessing during a flight because it makes time flyyyyyyy by. Also, a good ole fashion paperback will never run out of batteries, jus sayin'.
8) Rebecca Minkoff Passport Holder: Whenever I travel I like to have a smaller wallet to carry just my passport/ID and boarding pass--separate from my actual wallet with my cash and cards. Just because I'm always taking out and putting away my ID and boarding pass, it's hard to do that with a bulky wallet!
9) Sam Edelman Tote: A large, quality tote just makes life so much easier during travel. Bonus points if it's cute.
10) S'well Water Bottle: I think it's ridiculous how expensive a bottle of water is in the airport terminals. They take advantage of the fact that we can't bring in our own water! I like stick it in their faces by bringing in an empty water bottle and filling up my own water FO FREE once inside.
11) Hat Attack Cap: Guys, no matter how clean my hair is or how much dry shampoo I put in it before, my hair gets SO greasy after a flight. This isn't just me, right? I just don't even fight it anymore and stick to wearing hats to save me the disappointment.

Welp, there it is!
My travel essentials.
Hope it helps you on any future trips you take!

Also, if it's crickets around here for the next couple weeks--I apologize! I'm not sure what my schedule is going to be like while I'm away, but I'll try my best to pop in and say hey every now and then. I'll be back in Provo on the 28th, just in time for Connor's birthday, so I'll hopefully be back in my old routine by May!

Wish me luck that I don't sit next to any crazies tomorrow.

Love you guys.


  1. Those headphones are seriously the best! I need to get a pair!


  2. Sorry about the less desirable circumstances for the trip home, but have fun!

    Also, what airline has cheap tickets right now?? My sister lives on Oahu and I'm dying to go visit her!

  3. hope you have fun!!

    xx nikki

  4. That tote is so adorable! (Insert heart-eyes emoji!) I love your style and cute blog! New follower for sure :)


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