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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thanks to HP Sprout for sponsoring today's post!
All opinions and my love for this device are my own. #sproutbyHP #CIY

I'm so excited to introduce to you an amazing piece of technology I've been loving lately: the HP Sprout! Okay, imagine if the computer system on Hawaii Five-0 and Iron Man had a baby: it would look something like this beauty. The HP Sprout's revolutionary all-touch user interface lets you control your content directly with your hands on either the 23" Full HD touchscreen or the projected display on the 20-point capacitive Touch Mat. My favorite feature is the Illuminator (which is the thing floating above the computer screen) that houses the Intel RealSense 3D camera and projection engine, which allow you to scan 2D or 3D objects and instantly display them on the Touch Mat. Yes, it scans AND projects, what whattt?! This computer is literally a creative junkie's dream because there are endless possibilities with what you can create!

Below is a little of what the HP Sprout is capable of.

You can literally put ANYTHING on this mat (2D or 3D) to be scanned and captured.
I'm capturing this awesome coaster from Peace of Paradise, a company owned by my friend Keri.
The image then gets stored in your workspace, that holds all your projects and captures.
When you're ready to create, you can select things you've captured on the mat and literally swipe them back down onto the mat.
Adjust the size, crop the edges, make duplicates, do whatever your heart desires!
I added the image of my coaster to a little "California Dreamin" board I put together. I'm craving some Cali sunshine right about now with all this crazy Utah weather going on.

The HP Sprout blends the physical and digital world and allows you to be as creative as you want.
I'm excited about all the upcoming projects I'll be able to do on this device! I'll be sharing a recent project with you all soon so be sure to tune back in for that!

Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!


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