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Friday, July 3, 2015

Top: c/o Entourage
Leggings: c/o Entourage
Bra: c/o Aeropostale
Shoes: Nike

Let's be real guys.
This weekend we will be doing some real damage to our diets.
I'm already picturing all the hot dogs, burgers, chips, dip, mac salad, cupcakes, and brownies I'm going to devour tomorrow at our family's BBQ. I'm also already picturing the increase in pounds I'll be facing on the scale. Ahhhhhhh. Why do things that taste so good, be so bad for you? It isn't fair, really.

Anyway, a long cheat weekend means I'll have to play catch-up next week via working out. So on my way to feeling my best again, why not already start looking my best? Entourage Clothing recently released a new line of workout wear called the ENT fit collection that has adorable and affordable fitness clothes! They range from leggings to bras to shorts to tank tops--anything and everything you need to look and feel great while working out. I love how their collection is made of high quality material--these capri leggings I'm wearing today fit me snug like a bug, but they're also super lightweight so I'm not suffocating in the hot hot heat! Also, this tank top is my new favorite workout top because it's truer than true: we should all respect our selfies! What better way to stay motivated during your workout sesh than to see those wise words in the mirror? ;)

Be sure to check out the ENT fit collection and get yourself some great workout gear this summer!

Just some great moments caught on cam. You're welcome for the one on the left...

Hope you all have a great Fourth of July weekend!


Thanks to Entourage Clothing for sponsoring today's post!
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