Healthier Nails w/ Nail Medic

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fact: My nails are dry, brittle, and damaged.

For as long as I can remember, I've always kept my nails short. It's not because I don't like them long, it's because if they got too long, they would inevitably break at some point. My nails are naturally dry and weak, and it's something I always wished I could change about them. I didn't wanna have to worry about breaking a nail every time I open a can of soda or accidentally knock my hand against something.

When I heard about Nail Medic by Pretty Woman, I couldn't wait to try it out! Nail Medic is a product that will cleanse, revitalize and moisturize your nails back to proper health. It's a customizable three-step nail care system that will transform your nails into the ones you've always dreamed about!

Above are my nails pre-Nail Medic. As you can tell, they aren't the prettiest sight to see. My cuticles are cracked and peeling. The pinks on my nail plates are faded and dry. My free edges are disgusting. Overall, they aren't the poster children for "healthy nails."

Every night for 4 weeks I did the following easy three-step system.


First I washed my hands to remove any impurities. I applied 1-2 coats of Nail Detox over my bare nails and allowed it to dry. Nail Detox is an advanced nail cleanser and primer that eliminates impurities caused by environmental stress. It's infused with Cranberry Extract and Lemon Extract which purifies the nail, lifting away embedded grime. It also detoxifies the nail plate, helping it return to a natural, balanced state.


After cleansing my nails with the Nail Detox, I applied Shea Treatment generously to my bare nails and cuticles. Then, I gently massaged it in and allowed it to dry. Shea Treatment provides intense moisturization and nourishment to dry cuticles and nails (which I desperately need). It's rich in Vitamins A and E and has Jojoba and Argan Oil, which provides superior moisturization and nourishment without a heavy, greasy feel. It can be used anytime during the day to rehydrate dry nails and cuticles. 


After the Shea Treatment dried, I applied 1-2 coats of Rise & Shine over my nails. Rise & Shine is a ridiculously fast-drying, salon quality top coat that provides superior depth and shine to the nail. It's infused with Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E and offers protection from environmental damage. It also reduces chipping and peeling, while delivering an ultra-glossy, gel-like finish.

And voila! Three-step process, dunzo.
Applying Nail Medic is super fast and easy--it takes me about 5 minutes total to do the whole process. I'm always so impressed by how fast the Rise & Shine top coat dries. By the time I'm done applying it to my right hand, my left had is already dry!

Below are the results of using Nail Medic for a total of 4 weeks. The results seriously blew me away--considering this is only at 4 weeks and the suggested length is usually 6 weeks!

My cuticles are hydrated and moisturized. My nail plates are a healthy pink. My free edges are smooth and strong--with hardly any chips. Not only did I notice a huge difference in the appearance of my nails, but they felt stronger and healthier! The other day I hit my hand against the fridge door and I expected half my nail to be hanging off. But instead, there was only a tiny, hardly-noticeable little nick. And it was fixed with a simple swipe of a nail filer.

Sure, my nails aren't indestructible, but they're healthier and stronger, which is all I could ask for! Nail Medic by Pretty Woman are a proven method to get your nails looking and feeling better than ever. If you've got nail woes like me, make sure you pick up your three-step system from your local Walmart and visit Nail Medic's website to learn more information!

Below are the side-by-side comparisons of my Before and After nails!
What do you think?

Fact: My nails are healthy, strong, and awesome thanks to Nail Medic.

Have a fabulous day!


Thanks to Pretty Woman for sponsoring today's post!
All opinions and my love for this three-step system are my own. #NailMedic

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