QUESTIONS, PLEASE! (Making a Q&A Video)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey friends!

For this week's YouTube installment, I'm doing a classic Q&A video! But of course, I need your help--because without questions, a Q&A video cannot exist. (durrr)

So please, please leave me some questions answer in my video this Wednesday!
I always love hearing from you folks and these kinds of posts/videos where I get to interact with you all are my favorite! Also, I'll be taking screenshots of the questions and featuring them in my video, so if you want your name is appear in my video, ask away. :)

Leave your Qs in the comments below and make sure you tune into my YouTube channel on Wednesday to watch the video!

Love you guys!

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  1. I have a million questions for you, but I'll just pick a couple to ask. ;) What is your day job? What did you study in college? How do you come across so many cool modeling/photography/styling opportunities? Do you take your own blog photos?

  2. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?


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