HELLO Fall w/ LuLu*s: Look 2

Monday, September 28, 2015

Outfit c/o LuLu*s
hoodie [very similar]
weekender bag

Necklace: c/o Made by Maru

How you doin.

We're back with a brand spankin' new week and a brand spankin' new outfit in my HELLO Fall Fashion Series with LuLu*s! Today is Look #2 (if you missed Look #1, check it out HERE) and it's quite possibly the comfiest outfit evaaaaa.

I call today's outfit "The Perfect Travel Outfit" because it's perfectly perfect for all sorts of travel. You can wear it on a plane. You can wear it on a train. You can wear it on a road trip. You can even wear it on your venture to the mailbox. I'm all about comfort when I travel because nothing is worse than being uncomfortable in your clothing during a 5+ plane ride. It's yuck. This oversized hoodie is great because it's not skin tight (quite the opposite in fact) and made of the softest material! You can wear it by itself or over a t-shirt (I like wearing it over a shirt just in case it gets toasty). These "stylish sweatpants" are great because well, any excuse to wear sweatpants in public without looking like a hobo is welcomed with open arms. I like how they are tapered because you can either wear them at ankle-length, or hike them up to right below your knees. Also, THESE SHOES. When I first slipped them on I literally shouted (to no one in particular because I'm pretty sure Connor wasn't even home), "I'M WALKING ON MEMORY FOAM!!!" Legit, guys, these Madden Girl sneakers are so so soooo cushy and comfy--they're perfect for all day wear.

And of course too round off "The Perfect Travel Outfit" (I'm literally talking about every part of this outfit today because I'm obsessed with every item, whoops haha), you cannot forget a weekender bag. I don't know how I survived without one for so long. I bought my first one from Target right before my most recent trip back home to Hawaii and it was life changing. I use to carry-on a tiny suitcase all the time before and it was so obnoxious and so un-cute. Weekender bags are an essential things to own if you travel often (and even if you don't, get one anyway). This one in today's post I love because it's a little fancier/dressier than most. I can't wait to use it in our next adventure!

I hope you liked my second look in my HELLO Fall w/ LuLu*s series!
Tune in tomorrow for the third and final look!

Look 1: DRESSY
Look 2: TRAVEL
Look 3: ?????

Also, I'm really excited for the end of this series on Wednesday because I'm posting a VIDEO LOOKBOOK of all three outfits! I worked really hard on this video (with the help of my trusty sidekick, Connor) so I'm hoping you guys really like it. Can't wait for you to see it!

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Have a great week, friends!


  1. Love your sporty, casual style.



  2. love this casual look and that bag is perfect!

    xoxo, Preeti

  3. This travel look is perfect for me. I usually wear stuff like this when we fly and drive places. Love it!

    Love, Allison over at Allison's Eye

  4. Well don't you look cozy! I love your style!
    You should come link up over at my style & beauty link up! The Style Files Link-Up


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