Irresistible Me Flat Iron Review

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hey frannnnns.

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the Diamond Flat Iron from Irresistible Me! Owning great quality hair tools is something that's always been important to me because when you've got crazy hair like mine, you gotta bring out the big guns. My requirements when it comes to flat irons are they need to heat up really quick (waiting for a cheap flat iron to heat up is equivalent to waiting for water to boil), does minimal damage (nothing worse than fried hair), and be able to pack on a lot of heat (literally--because I have a LOT of hair).

The Diamond Flat Iron hits all three of my requirements perfectly!
It heats up fully in about 15 seconds. It has diamond and tourmaline technology that protects your hair and keeps all the natural oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. AND it can get as hot as 450 F--which is a high setting I would avoid using because that's really, really hot.

Below is the step-by-step transformation of my hair using my new flat iron!
Check out how I go from wavy and frizzy, to sleek and smooth!
(Also make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post for an awesome coupon code for Irresistible Me products!)

This is as natural as my hair gets (minus the color, obvi). I even let it air dry after showering to show how much of a mane it is!

Voila! Hair is straightened and ready for the day.
The process took about 10-15 minutes, which I was really impressed by because doing my hair can sometimes be an all-day event.

Overall, I am extremely impressed by the Diamond Flat Iron! I love how lightweight it is and how the buttons are on the inside so you don't accidentally change the settings while you're using it! I only had to go over each section of hair once to get my desired level of "flatness" which is a big plus because sometimes I have to go over 2-3 times with other flat irons and that is no bueno for my hair.

I also love how great it lasted against humidity and the "stress" everyday activities and weather puts on hair. My hair stayed smooth and straight all day! I even got some compliments on how great my hair looked--specifically how long it is. I often forget that straightening your hair makes it look wayyyy longer than usual so there's a definite plus!

If you're in the market for a flat iron, I would highly recommend Irresistible Me's Diamond Flat Iron. It's worth what you pay for it--and is actually considerably cheap if you compare it to other professional flat irons! If you do decide to get one, make sure you use the code IRRESISTIBLEARIEL to get 10% off! You can use that code on everything on the site so even if you're not interested in a flat iron, they've got curling wands, hair extensions, shampoos, conditioners, and more!

Treat your hair to a Diamond Flat Iron from Irresistible Me!
Do it.

Feel free to leave me any questions you have on this flat iron in the comments below!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. Do you tease your hair at all? I love how voluminous your hair is! I'm just trying to see if I can mimmick your skillz or if all that body is natural and I should just quit now ;)

    1. I don't tease my hair :) I teased it once when I dressed up for Halloween (I can't remember what I was) and I spent that entire week brushing out the knots because I have sooooo much hair! haha

  2. Please do a youtube video on how you've maintained such PERFECT HAIR WHAT THE HECK! You're gorgeous.

  3. i def need a new straightener so thanks for the suggestion :) XO Ellen from Ask Away

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