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Monday, October 12, 2015

I'll admit it: I'm the WORST at getting rid of my personal belongings. I grow such a sentimental attachment to the silliest things--like clothes--so I let things pile and build up until you literally can't see the floor of our bedroom and closet. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a hoarder, but I do keep a lot of things any normal human being would throw away without blinking an eye.

Now that a new season is rolling around and a lot of exciting changes are happening, I felt inspired by Glad and their Glad to Give program to finally take some initiative and rid my life of items I no longer need. Since I'm evolving into a different stage of my life, my things need to evolve with me, right? But as someone who is an expert at finding every excuse to keep something longer than needed, I've had to develop a system of how to get rid of things once and for all.

Here are some tips on making your cleaning method easier:

1) Ask yourself when is the next time you'll use this item. When would I wear this t-shirt again? When would I use this shoe box again? If you can't think of an answer immediately, throw it in the discard pile.

2) Once it's in the discard pile, NO TAKSIE BACKSIES. Don't torture yourself by peaking into the pile to see if you really want to get rid of a certain something. Once it's in there, leave it. In an hour or so you won't even remember what it was.

3) Find something trusty and durable to put your discard pile in. Don't use a cardboard box that's about to fall apart or a million little shopping bags. A garbage bag is the perfect cleanup method of choice, especially these scented Glad bags! They're reliable, stretchy, and smell so fresh, so clean!

4) Donate!!! Just because you're done with an item doesn't mean that item can't have a new purpose with someone new! Think of the joy your old belongings can bring to someone in need and how someone might love them as much as you once did! We're talking Toy Story 3 here guys. Pay it forward!

It also just so happens that Glad is currently running their Glad to Give program that'll make your cleaning and donation process much easier and enjoyable! Just visit to schedule a free donation pickup by the charity of your choice! Aaaand bam, that's it! Easy peasy.

Find what inspires you to clean out your life and donate what you don't need anymore. Someone out there is eager to love that giant stuffed T-Rex as much as you once did!!

Have a great week, friends!


Thanks to Glad and their Glad to Give program for sponsoring today's post!
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