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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swimsuit: c/o Albion Fit
Sunglasses: c/o Woodzee
Bracelets: c/o Color by Amber

Growing up I've never been a big fan of one pieces.
I feel like they were never flattering on me and I could never find any cute ones. They made me look flatter than I already was and didn't give me a figure at all. I felt like I was supposed to be on my way to swim laps at the pool than off to spend a fun day at the beach. It was just no bueno.

It wasn't until my 20s that I felt like a new wave and trend of one pieces took over the fashion world. Suddenly I started seeing cute, adorable swimsuits all over the scene! I began to sprout a newfound love for one pieces and the companies that actually took their time to make flattering, modest swimsuits! One of those companies happen to be a local well-known favorite, called Albion Fit. Albion Fit has THE cutest prints of swimsuits that come in the biggest variety of styles! They have one pieces, tankinis, crops, high-waisted bottoms, cutouts, and much much more! Their swimsuits make you want to wear modest suits because they're cute and not just to cover up.

The Weekender swimsuit I'm wearing in today's post in a faaaaaaavorite of mine by far. I've been really into the halter style of swimsuits lately so I loved that they carried a one piece in that specific style! Besides the halter top, there are just so many details about this suit that make it so top notch. The suit cuts in at the waist to give you a super flattering figure and lets you show off your curves. The back has criss-cross straps that help the suit fit nice and snug while also giving off a fun, flirty vibe. The entire suit is fully lined, comes with a built-in shelf bra (to help those less fortunate like moi), aaaaaaand the booty has coverage. Can a suit GET any more perfect than that???

Besides swimsuits, Albion Fit has workout wear and casual wear (they just released some adorable rompers) that are just as classy as their suits. If you haven't given them a look yet, you are definitely missing out!

I hope you all are having an amazing week so far!
ps. these photos were taken while I was in Mexico... 4 MONTHS AGO.
I fail at blogging. I fail at life.

Love you all.


  1. I am SO glad that one-pieces are totally in style and that it's easy to find cute ones! This particular suit is on my bucket list! ;) I LOVE the high neck fashion!


    P.S. I recently made a suit really similar to this one! I need to get better pics, but you can kind of see it in these pics:

  2. Amen on the one-piece front. I have even found ones that fit my horribly hard-to-find-suits-for body type the past couple years! So happy. You're the cutest.

  3. You look adorable!!! I love one piece swimsuits <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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