What would Veronica Mars do?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Headband: c/o Notes & Knots [receive 10% off your purchase with the code AUTEURARIEL10]
Cardigan: Forever 21
Jeans: Bullhead
Booties: Forever 21 [similar]
Necklace: Forever 21 [similar]

Guys, I have an unhealthy obsession.
It's with the TV show, Veronica Mars.

 I know, I know, I'm like 10 years late to the party but let's be real:
12-year-old Ariel would not have appreciated (or really understood) this show as much as 22-year-old Ariel does.
Oh man, what I would give to be as clever as the detective version of Kristen Bell.

It all started several months ago when my co-worker asked me if I heard about the Kickstarter that reached its $2 million goal in less than 24 hours. He said it was for a movie spinoff of the TV series called "Veronica Mars."
The name sounded familiar--I knew it was a TV show that was popular when I was younger.
Curious, I looked it up on IMDb and to my pleasant surprise, I saw that Kristen Bell was the star of it.
Being a big fan of Kristen Bell (ever since her sloth meltdown on Ellen, she's had a special place in my heart), I decided to give the show a try.

I was instantly hooked.

I watched all the way to about the middle of season two (in a week, I might shamelessly add) when I began to have a hard time finding good sources to watch the episodes online. That, mixed with school and work picking up eventually turned into an indefinite hiatus from the show.
It wasn't until a couple weeks ago when I was browsing through Amazon Instant Video, that I discovered that they had all three seasons of Veronica Mars available to watch online (legally might I add)--Eureka!

And I've been obsessed (again) ever since.

The show is so, so addicting!
The plot line is so engaging--there is a new case to solve every episode, as well as an ongoing mystery that stretches out throughout the entire season. I still can't believe they only made three seasons!!! I almost don't want to finish watching it because then it will be over forever. However, I do have the movie to look forward to in March (maybe I'll time it perfectly)!
Besides the amazing plot line though, what really has me hooked on this show is the main character, Veronica Mars.

Veronica is smart, pretty, brave, funny--all the things I wish I were.
She takes crap from nobody and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Underneath her hard exterior though, she has a heart of gold. She's always willing to help someone in need, despite the circumstances.

The one thing that I admire most about Veronica though is her wittiness.

She always has the best comebacks and thinks extremely quick on her feet.
There are so many times in my life when I've cracked lame jokes or when I'm like, "ugh, THAT'S what I should have said instead of that pathetic excuse of an answer," that I wish I had her brains.

So from now on, I've vowed to ask myself this before I say or do anything:

"What would Veronica Mars do?"

It's a great motto to live by, just saying.
It's also a creepy, obsessed one as well though... Like I said, it's unhealthy.

Anyway, I really recommend the show for anyone in need of some greatness in their lives. Also, because it's an "older" show, you'll spot a ton of A-listers before they were A-listers guest starring in some episodes! I've spotted Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls), Dianna Agron (Glee), Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Jane Lynch (Glee), Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger), Paul Rudd (everything...), Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Alyson Hannigan (HIMYM), Max Greenfield (New Girl), Krysten Ritter (Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical), Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach), Rider Strong (Boy Meets World), to name a few...
If those names don't convince you to watch the show, I don't know what will!

PS. I'm only about 1/3 into season three so PLEASE no spoilers!!!

On a more important and relevant note, how cute is this headband I'm wearing from Notes & Knots? It's their Rockin' Rebel headband and you can get it (or any item from their store) for 10% off using the code: AUTEURARIEL10!
I think I like wearing headbands because it reminds me of spring fashion and I really, really want it to be spring already.
Who's with me?


  1. Ever since I heard about the Kickstarter project, I wanted to watch it too! I've been obsessed with Scandal recently, but Veronica is so going to be my next binge show haha. Also, those booties are fab!


  2. Love this post!! I too was a bit late to the Veronica party. Not sure why, as I was old enough to get it when it was on. I think it was bc we didn't get UPN at the time. Also, no such thing as DVR (or we were too cheap to get the very first TIVO!). I picked up all 3 seasons on DVD for like $10 each and started watching when my husband was on a work trip. No joke, he got home (we normally have shows we watch together at night), and I told him "Sorry babe, we're watching Veronica. I can't stop now!" I finished all three seasons in like 2.5 weeks! Can not wait for the movie in March! Love love love Kristen Bell (Saw Frozen bc it's her voice! LOL) Seriously amazing actress and person. If you haven't watched "House of Lies" yet, do it! Her snarky, witty, sarcasticness is abundant! It's a little racy, language-filled, and naughty at times, but so worth the watch!!

  3. I was late to the VMars party too but better late than never! It's an awesome show, one that I wish more current TV shows would learn from. Here's hoping the movie will be awesome.

  4. I totally loved this show and felt like nobody knew about the show! Ok I think I just dated myself! Ha!
    xo Adri

  5. This is so cute. I love the sweater and the booties...great pieces to have on hand.
    I am stopping by via the link up.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. aww such a lovely chic outfit! loving those booties! :)

    1. Found your post via Fashion Informant link up... hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit. :)

      Rhea, Et Cetera - trench coat & coral

  7. You hair is gorgeous! Love this look!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  8. I relly love this outfit :) You look very pretty :)))))))
    Hugs Beata

  9. Found your blog via All Things Thursday. Love this casual look yet still put together. The headband adds an element of fun.


  10. Came here from The Life of the Party linkup. :) I love how your pink headband sweetens the whole look. And now you make me want to check out that show! I had never even heard of it until now.


  11. Love this look ! Also yes, Veronica Mars is the greatest show ever, and Veronica is the best TV character of all time !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  12. So cute! AND I love those shoes. I've never watched Veronica Mars...I see that I must check it out:)

  13. Visiting from Simply Just Lovely Link-up! Veronica Mars was the best show! I was so sad when it just ended! Here's hoping they follow through and produce a great movie :)

    <3 Vicki

  14. Such a fun outfit, I love this head band on you too.

  15. Too cute! Just came across your blog from the Random Wednesday linkup and am loving it-- you have awesome style and great pics :)


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