Sorry I'm Late + SNEAK PEEK!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shirt: c/o Mindy Mae's Market
Headband: c/o Notes & Knots
Vest: H&M [similar]
Pants: H&M
Watch: c/o Arvo
Ring: c/o Pure Impressions

Mindy Mae's Market has such a great selection of apparel--my personal favorite being their "Sorry I'm Late" T-Shirt which I am wearing in today's blog post! This T-Shirt is verrrrrry ME, because well, I have a habit of always being late to things. I can't help it--it's seriously a curse. This outfit is dedicated to people like me, who are always running late (no matter how early you set your alarm clock!). It's casual, comfy, and ultimately effortless! It's perfect for school, hanging out with friends, or just running errands. Also, you don't have to apologize whenever you show up late for something because your T-Shirt says it all already! It also comes in sweater form for those chilly nights when you're running late. ;)

Okay guys, I have a little sneak peek of something I did yesterday.....


Check out my Instagram to see a little more revealing sneak peek of the results.'ll have to wait until MONDAY to see an outfit post debuting my new hurrrrrrr.

I regret nothing.


  1. AHhhhh!!! I can't wait to see how it turned out! I'm sure you look gorgeous as always!

  2. love how you wore the denim vest :) so cute.
    xx Stephanie (

  3. Oh ya, I saw you cut your hair via Ig, huh? I bet it is darling when you have a posing post out on Monday. Thanks for linking up with Agi and me today!

  4. Can't wait to see your hair!!

    Madison Martine

  5. Love this look and can't wait to see the hair!
    Pretty Lovely

  6. such a great look! love your jewelry!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. Loooove that shirt..and can't wait to see your hair!

  8. That shirt is adorable <3

  9. Ok I NEED that shirt!! I swear it was made for me. Glad I'm not the only one with the chronic lateness problem. We can share in it together! Haha and seriously I swear I CANT help it. It just happens no matter what I do!!


  10. I could probably use this shirt. I feel like I'm always late -- even if I swear it's husband's fault like 50-60% of the time.

    Thanks for linking up with Lovely Thursdays!


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