A family who wears shades together...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunglasses: c/o Ltd. Optics
Top: 3Brunettes Boutique c/o Jane
Jeans: c/o Abaday
Sandals: c/o PB&J Boutique
Purse: c/o LuLu*s
Feather Clip: c/o Kelsey's Feathers
Earrings: c/o Aeropostale
Necklace: c/o Wild Butterfly Boutique
Bracelet: c/o LuLu*s
Watch: c/o Arvo

Connor's Outfit:
Sunglasses: c/o Ltd. Optics
Shirt: c/o Aeropostale
Shorts: Jordan
Shoes: Vans

...stays together!
#cheeeezy :)

Today Connor and I (and Samson) are wearing some sweet new shades from Ltd. Optics! I've featured Ltd. Optics on my blog before (view those posts HERE and HERE) so I was stoked when I found out that they were coming out with some new lines! I'm wearing The Boardwalk in black and I love how it fits my face--it has a bit of a feminine shape to it and is meant for people with smaller faces. What's cool about these sunglasses is that they are made of 7-layer skateboard wood with internal spring hinges and they are finished by hand so every pair has it's own unique touch to it! Connor is wearing The Chameleon in Red and if I do say so myself, he's looking pretty handsome in them :). I love how they combined the look of rubber with wood to create something totally stylish and cool! The frames were a little too big for my face, but it looks great on men! Even Samson is looking pretty smooth in them as you can see in the picture above.

We weren't originally going to have Samson in these pictures but Connor isn't a big fan of posing for photos (this is only the second His and Hers post we've ever done, haha) so I figure if he had someone to pose with, he'd be happier :D I'm obsessed with the little guy so any excuse to have him on my blog I'll take!

Be sure to check out Ltd. Optic's new sunglasses lines!
They're perfect for looking stylish on all the summer adventures that await you!

This past Saturday I finally got to meet and hang out with Marsa from The DayLee Journal! She's one of the first bloggers I started following when I entered the blogosphere over a year ago and we bonded over how we were both asians from Hawaii who were born in Japan! It was a bummer though because she moved to Seattle just as we became good friends so we never got to meet IRL. She finally came back to Utah to visit family so we made sure to sneak in a GNO with Rachel and Lo! You know those people who you instantly click with as soon as you hang out? That's Marsa! :) Miss you already!

I also rode a rocking horse made for big kids this weekend.

Here's to another week!


  1. you guys look great here and your pup is so darn adorable!

  2. Stop it! This is just too cute for words! Love! :)


  3. You 2 are adorable!

  4. your pup is too cute!!



  5. I am dying from that doggy cuteness! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. What a cute little family you have! Your puppy is so adorable :)


  7. These photos are just beyond cute! I love those sunglasses on you!

  8. This pictures are so cute! Your puppy is adorable!

    Nicole to the Nines

  9. OMG! Your pup is sooooo cute! I have my pup in my pics today as well. I just love em! I love how the pups put their paws out to the side when you are holding them up like you are going to drop em! Your family looks great
    from the link up, jess

    please stop by


  10. Your photos look fun! I like your aqua t-shirt as its so bright and cheery! Connor looks lovely and Samson is adorable! All your blogger friends are so photogenic! Would love to go to Hawaii some day!

  11. LoL, when I was scrolling through your photos, I was thinking, "where are Samson's shades?!?!" haha, I was so happy to see him wearing some in the last photo! so cute!!!!


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