We will not go quietly into the night

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Today's post title is a quote from my mom's favorite movie to watch on this day every year, Independence Day! It's from that super inspiring speech the President makes towards the end before they attack the aliens. My mom always gets all teary-eyed during that part, it's adorable (love you mom).

The quote is actually ironic though because right now, as I currently write this post at 12:53 AM on July 4, 2014, the city of Provo is NOT going quietly into the night. You see, Provo does a Fourth of July parade every year down University Avenue, one of the main streets, and usually I'm never in town when this happens (I'm usually back home in Hawaii already or visiting Seattle) but this year, we get the joy of experiencing what really goes down the night before the coveted parade. And let me tell you, it's not pretty. Or quiet.

Apparently, this parade is like the social event of the year so there are hundreds of people scattered up and down the sidewalks and streets of University Avenue literally camping out the night before the parade happens so they can get "good seats." Lucky for us, we live right next to University Avenue so we get the pleasure of having a slumber party with half the population of Provo.

I'm trying not to be Negative Nancy and not be upset at all the singing, fireworks, car horns, chanting, music, motorcycle engines, and laughing going on right outside of our window, but I have been awake for the past 40 hours without a wink of sleep and this girl needs to get some shut eye soon or else I'm going to explode like a firework (haha I made a punny). Remember yesterday's post when I said I was finally going to sleep after my all-nighter? Well I lied. I caught a second wind all of sudden and I couldn't fall asleep so I just worked on my portfolio even more. To make things even more tiring, we just got back from an amazing concert turned dance party (Michael Franti you rocked my socks off) which was ridiculously fun but suuuuuper tiring. During some of the slow songs I even found myself dosing off.... whoops.

Sorry today's post turned out to be me complaining about rather than celebrating this amazing holiday but hey, I'm just keeping things real with you guys! Seriously, this parade better be all sorts of amazing if people are that desperate to get front row and center for it the day before. The only silver lining in this whole situation is that since we do live right next to the parade route, we can watch everything from the comfort of our couch! Hurray, kind of :)

To make up for me and my grumpy gills, here is a picture of me looking happy while twirling around some sparklers and a picture of Samson looking dapper as usual. This little guy is one of only two men in my life who can always make me smile no matter what. :)

Hopefully the actual day of July 4th will turn out much better than the night before!
After the parade we are supposed to go tubing down the Provo River with some friends then having a BBQ, the perfect recipe for some happiness right? Hope so!

Have an amazing day guys!
'Murica, we lurrrv you. Thanks for standing up for your independence.

  1. There's no way anyone can be made about your complaining when there are such stinkin' adorable photos of Sampson. lol.
    Hope you finally got some sleep!

  2. OMG such cute photos! Have a wonderful Fourth!

  3. My pom wears a bowtie too! Classy little guy! So so cute. :)

    xo, grace (patternedposies.blogspot.com)

  4. You're seriously filling my heart with all sorts of things by posting Samson pictures. I just cannot cope with it! Honestly! I love him. He is adorable. I hope he stays that size forever. If not, please take thousands of photos and slowly instagram and blog them. =)

    You should totally do one of those animal instagram accounts. @lifeofsamson! Where can I sign up!

    Hope you get some rest. I don't know how you can go so long without sleep! I'm basically a monster after 20 hours and after 22 hours, I lose the ability to walk or talk!

    Corinne x

  5. You're little pup is just adorable!!


  6. Just found your blog. I just have to say that Samson is so cute! What kind of dog is he?


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