Spring Whites w/ LuLu*s: Look 1

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Outfit c/o LuLu*s

Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
Necklace: c/o Made By Maru

Hey frannns!
I think we're past due for another LuLu*s fashion series, no?

I've said this multiple times on my blog and I'll say it again: LuLu*s is and will always be one of my favorite places to shop online! I just love how fresh and trendy their selections are. Whenever I'm looking for something specific, they either have exactly it or a variation of it. How can you not love a shop with all your favorite styles of clothing?

Okay, so on to the fashion series. This season I'm highlighting my favorite types of Spring Whites. Spring is all about being bright and bold and what other color to do that than white? So for the next couple weeks I'll be sharing with you my favorite white pieces from LuLu*s that are perfect for Spring!

If you couldn't tell by my outfit already, Look 1 is all about them white jeans. I've always wanted a pair of white distressed jeans so when I saw these on LuLu*s, I was sold. I think white jeans are so fun because it makes any outfit brighter and lighter. Usually jeans are the dark feature in the outfit--but with white jeans your entire ensemble pops! I've also been obsessing over stripes this season (if you can tell by my Pinterest) so I had to add a striped shirt and striped watch from dW to this outfit. And of course, with any casual look you gotta add a backpack for good measure.

I hope you liked the first look in my Spring Whites w/ LuLu*s series!
Come back Thursday to see Look #2
Can you guess what the next white piece will be?

ps. Like most of my LuLu*s fashion series, I'll be hosting a fun giveaway at the end of it! Make sure you stick around to learn more info and of course, take part in it!

Have an amazing Tuesday, frannnz.


  1. Oh I'm loving those pants! I love the white and black contrast and the distressing!


    1. Thank you! You're so sweet :) I love seeing your comments on my posts--they make my day! Thanks for being a faithful reader xx

  2. Love the distressed denim! I cant seem to get enough of mine this season! XO


    1. Right? I don't think I have a pair of jeans in my closet that aren't distressed, haha!

  3. What are you wearing under your jeans? Leggings?


    1. yes ma'am. I didn't have time to iron on patches inside, haha.

  4. Love your style ! Love the jeans 😍


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