Samson is anti-social.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shirt: c/o StyleGirl
Pants: c/o SWELL
Sandals: c/o LuLu*s
Necklace: c/o LuLu*s [similar]
Earrings: c/o LuLu*s
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

This outfit combo has been my go-to recently. Some days leggings are too constricting for me and don't even get me started on jeans, so I just opt for a nice pair of harem pants. They're loose, comfy, and I can just throw on a graphic tee and I'm ready to go! This tee that I'm wearing from StyleGirl is a favorite of mine because its got the word "wanderlust" on it--need I say more? I've also been gravitating towards wearing more strappy sandals this spring. I just got a brown pair from LuLu*s that I previewed in this Instagram post that I'm really excited to share on my blog soon!

Also, just a reminder: if you're thinking about buying a Daniel Wellington watch sometimes soon, make sure you use the code ARIELHN for 15% off all products until May 31, 2015! Also, with every watch purchased, you can choose a free NATO wristband! Check out their amazing collection here.


Okay, so about today's post title.
Let me be more specific:

Samson is anti-social.....with other dogs.
He is however, VERY social--almost too social--with humans.

Provo finally opened a dog park a couple weeks ago (it's located at Bicentennial Park, kind of by the cemetery on State Street) and we've taken Samson there a few times already. He hasn't had much experience with other dogs growing up. Most of social interactions are with humans and one cat back when he was a puppy. So we figured going to the park would be a good way for him to start socializing with other puppies.

The moment we get to the park and unleash him, he is instantly swarmed by the dogs already there. His tail instantly goes between his legs and he slouches down to the ground, obviously extremely nervous by the presence of these bigger animals who are trying to sniff him up and down. The moment the other dogs get over the initial hype of Samson, they run off and continue to roughhouse with each other while Samson, beelines for the first human close to him and suddenly starts wagging his tail. I kid you not, the rest of the time we were there he went around the entire park saying hello to every human and ignoring/avoiding every dog. And that's when we learned that our pup is very much a people dog.

The next two times we went Samson was a lot better about spending a least a little time checking out the other dogs, but he still prefers human interaction much, much more. It's funny watching everyone gush over how friendly he is. One time Connor and I couldn't find where he was in the park until we finally spotted him sitting in some stranger's lap looking as happy as can be. A couple people have even come up to us joking that they would've take Samson home because he's so cute which made me awkward laugh because I know part of them isn't kidding.... The sad part is that even if he was kidnapped, he probably wouldn't even care because he's THAT social (Connor said that isn't true because he loves us the most but I can't help but wonder...).

Anyway, we'll for sure be making lots more trips to the dog park so we can force our little guy to make some furry friends. If you've got yourself a pup in Utah county, definitely check out the new dog park! It's a ton of fun. :)

I can't help but laugh every time I look at this picture because of how nervous Samson looks.


  1. hi dear, nice outfit..i love your pants

  2. Love the graphic shirt. Great look!


  3. I'm obsessed with your printed pants! They're so cute!



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