Friday, October 9, 2015

No, not the show 24.
The age 24.
Cus I turn 24 today.

Not gonna lie, there really is nothing special about turning 24.
Every birthday before 18 is all about having fun with your friends and being a kid/teenager.
18 you are technically an "adult."
19 is your last teenage year.
20 is your first "twenties" year.
21 you are an actual adult.
22, thanks taylor swift.
23, nobody likes you thanks to blink-182

But 24?
There isn't anything you can suddenly do that you couldn't before. There are no songs about turning 24. Even 25 has more significance because you're a quarter of a century old and you can rent cars without an additional fee.

24 is like a filler year where you just kind of float in limbo about your age. Not depressed about turning 24. Not stoked about turning 24. Connor did however point out that Marshawn Lynch's number is 24 which I give him an A for effort, but still not quite special enough.

Now don't get me wrong, BIRTHDAYS are always freakin' awesome.
The age I'm turning though? Meh.

So guess what, I'm promising myself to do something epic this year to make 24 memorable (since pop culture and America has obviously failed to do so). What it will be? That's for you to stay tuned to find out. :)

Now on to my yearly visit back to last year's 23rd birthday (since today's one is still rendering).
1) Last year I spent my birthday back home in Hawaii! My mom was getting hip surgery so I flew back to support and help out and my trip just so happened to overlap my special day. It was a bummer not being able to spend my actual birthday with Connor and Sammy, but I got to see all my friends and spend my first birthday in 5 years with my parents!

2) My OG, Flounder, giving me a bday kiss. Don't tell Samson, he'll get real jelly.

3) See that deceivingly cute little kitty creeping on my cake? Her name is Peewee and she was trying to steal my birthday thunder...and DELICIOUS chocolate cake my dad made.

4) Had a little sibling reunion thanks to technology.

5) Finally back in Utah the day after my birthday! Connor picked me up at the airport with a freshly cut and fluffed Samson to cuddle real hard.

6) I came home to a bundle of presents and flowers! These guys know how to spoil a girl.

7) Connor slaved over several days making me this AHMAZING red velvet cake. Possibly the best cake I've ever had.

8) Post-party Samson still trying to figure out what happened the other night...

Welp, I'm off to party hardy all day!
Here's to another awesome birthday for the books.

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ps. If you haven't yet, watch me turn Connor into a Skull Tiger in my most recent YouTube video!


  1. Happy Birthday! You forgot! Ken Griffey Jr. was number 24 too! Super special age!


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