New Year's Ready w/ Zappos

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sweater: Free People c/o Zappos
Tank Top: Free People c/o Zappos
Jeans: Free People c/o Zappos
Booties: Cole Haan c/o Zappos
Backpack: Target

Ahhhhh it's New Year's Eve!!!
I feel like I was so caught up with Christmas being over so quickly, I completely overlooked the fact that 2015 is basically OVER! I feel like I was just celebrating 2014 being over?? Oh time, you tricky thing.

With a new year, comes a new need for a new wardrobe, right? It's technically still the holiday season so that means holiday shopping is still totally socially acceptable. As the countdown to midnight begins, we find ourselves overwhelmed with festive gatherings that require new style pieces. Enter Zappos’ Style Room: your one stop shop for looks and brands for every shape, taste, and size! The Style Room is a collection curated just for you--ranging from contemporary, classic, and designer fashion brands. They have everything you need to look stylish and classy--whether you're updating your staple holiday pieces or finding just the right dress and shoes to help ring in 2016!

I used The Style Room to create my outfit for today's look! I really wanted an outfit that made me feel comfortable in my own skin and this look did just that! A pair of black slit-knee jeans and some black ankle-length booties have been on my wish list for a while now so I was so excited to be able to finally add those things to my 2015 wardrobe! I'm also revamping my obsessed with turtleneck and cowl neck sweaters with this cowl neck thermal, that is both adorable and comfy. I feel like 2016 will be a year for new beginnings and self discovery and I'm all about looking fab while doing so.

Zappos has a promise of fast, free shipping, 365 day return policy and the BEST world class customer service. I've ordered multiple times through Zappos and each time I've experience impressive customer service. You can tell they really care about each of their customers having the best shopping experience they can have.

Make sure you check out Zappos' Style Room this new year for your wardrobe makeover. You'll be impressed and obsessed with all the fashion forward pieces they have to make you shine and sparkle this 2016.

Happy New Year, friends!


Thanks to Zappos for sponsoring today's post!
All opinions and my love for this company are my own. #Zapposstyle @Zappos
  1. Love your casual look. Happy New Year!


  2. Love this outfit! You look so pretty <3 Have a great 2016!


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