Turtle. Turtle.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sweater: c/o Windsor
Hat: c/o LuLu*s [similar]
Leggings: Madewell
Boots: c/o Khombu


This is a formal warning.

I will be wearing A LOT of turtleneck and cowl neck sweaters on my blog this season.
I'm sorry.
Never mind, I'm not sorry.

Soooooo deal with it :)

I feel like turtlenecks are the best because it's basically a sweater and a scarf built into one! It keeps your neck nice and cozy, while still looking fab. This grey turtleneck from Windsor is one of my favorites by far because of how thick the knit is! The day we took these photos it was freeeeeezing but I was staying strong and keeping warm in my sweater! I also love how baggy it is (and no, I'm not trying to hide a baby bump, haha) because baggy = comfort, yaaasss. Windsor has the coziest of sweaters right now so head over to their site and shop, shop, shop!


I'm kind of freaking out right now because we leave for Hawaii and Japan in TWO weeks and I feel like I am nowhere close to ready. I still have 3 videos to pre-film, many outfits to take photos of, and tons of cuddles to have with Samson!!! Did I mention we are leaving Samson behind for that entire month we are traveling? It's probably the saddest feeling ever (as of now). I hate that he's not going to understand why Connor and I won't be around for a long time. I know dogs can't tell time, but humans can so it's mostly gonna suck for me. But then on the bright side, I am going to Hawaii and Japan...... Why can't traveling overseas with pets be an easier process???
But really, how am I supposed to leave this face behind???

Okay, I'm stopping before I start to ugly cry.

ps. If you missed it, check out my Loose Waves Hair Tutorial video HERE!

Have a cool beans Tuesday, ya'll.


  1. I need! Do you know what it's called on the website? Or did I skim your post too fast?

    1. This sweater is actually sold out at the moment on their site (wahhhhh, i know...) but they have some other great sweaters that are worth taking a look at! :) Sorry about that! xx

  2. Love the turtleneck so cute with the hat! I hate leaving my pup behind on trips too!


  3. I love turtlenecks SO much too. They feel like a warm blanket on a bad day. You look adorbs.

    xo, Lauryn


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