Fall Vibes with Luca + Grae

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sweater: c/o Luca + Grae
Jeans: c/o Luca + Grae
Boots: c/o Luca + Grae
Hat: Forever 21

Sooooo summer is over.
That flew by.
The good news?


I don't care if I'm being basic by saying this but Fall is by far my FAVORITE season of the year. The weather, the fashion, the food (or themes of food, rather), and my goodness, the NATURE!!! Utah is so so sooooo beautiful in the fall, especially in the mountains and canyons! I'm always so blown away by the colors and how bold they are! I couldn't wait to snap some photos in the mountains and what better company to snap them for than Luca + Grae??

I've been a huge fan of Aspyn Ovard and her adorable fashion sense for ages, so naturally when she and Parker opened up an online clothing store, I was SOLD. I fell in love with Luca + Grae and basically wanted to empty my wallet to buy everything. Soooo imagine my excitement when they reached out to me asking if I wanted to collaborate! It's one thing when a company contacts you to work together--but when it's a company you already love?? Excitement level 1000000.

I was lucky enough to score some of Luca + Grae's new fall collection when it first hit the store and I was not disappointed by the quality and comfort of their clothes! For instance, not only does this Blue Moon Sweater look adorable, but it's SO. FREAKIN. SOFT. It feels exactly like bernat baby blanket yarn--maybe even softer. Also, I've been dying for some black jeans with knee slits so naturally these ones stole my heart. Mix it all together (Hannah Montana, anyone?) with a pair of these Trixi Booties and a cabby hat and it's my perfect, ideal fall outfit. So many warm, fuzzy feelings right now.

Make sure you check out Luca + Grae for all your fall wardrobe needs! And make sure you sign up for their newsletters so you can be updated on their new arrivals and restocks because their clothes sell out FAST (for good reason).

And Aspyn if you are reading this (maybe, hopefully)... I love you! :)

okay but seriously how gorgeous is this view.

Hope everyone is having an amazing fall!


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