Fit Life Tea

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Wednesday my friends!
Today I'm coming 'atcha with an awesome way to kickstart that healthy lifestyle you've been craving.

I've always been a fan of trying new things to get my body (and mind) healthy and strong. Whether it's different kinds of exercises, special types of food, etc. I'm all about being open to trying new things and my most recent venture is doing a 14-Day Organic Teatox with an awesome company called Fit Life Tea!

For starters, let's go over some fun tea facts. Drinking tea has been linked with good health for centuries--in fact today, scientific research confirms that there is a connection between tea and fitness! Some benefits include: anti-aging protection, more energy, lower blood pressure, decreased risk of heart problems, more agile immune system, and improved mental function. Is that enough convincing for ya? ;)

Now let's specifically talk about Fit Life Tea's 14-Day Organic Teatox!
This teatox is designed to help kickstart your weight-loss journey. It's an all-natural herbal tea blend full of potent ingredients to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body, as well as boost metabolism, reduce cravings and improve the texture and appearance of skin. It smashes cravings AND burns fat so you can have the body and lifestyle you dream of!

For 2 weeks you start your morning and end your evening by steeping a cup of teatox for a maximum infusion of essential oils and flavor. This process releases organic ingredients which eases bloating and digestive stress, while stimulating weight loss. 

Now what was my experience with it?
Well.......I loved it! :)

I've been itching to do some sort of detox for a while because I wanted to switch up my lifestyle, so when Fit Life Tea reached out to me to try out their teatox, I was more than excited! I'd been eating way too unhealthy and exercising way too infrequently. I didn't want to do a juice cleanse again because I wasn't in a place to commit to that process, so a teatox was the perfect step down of intensity for me. The first thing I noticed only a few days into my teatox was the absence of cravings. I found myself feeling full throughout the day, yet not bloated, which was a huge improvement for me. The second difference I felt was the energy I had! I felt good every day, which motivated me to make healthy choices like eating right and working out!

 I didn't do the teatox because I felt like I needed to lose a ton of weight. I did it because I felt like I was out of shape. I wasn't treating my body right. I didn't have the energy I wanted and needed. Doing this teatox was just what I needed to set my life in the right direction!

If you're looking for that extra "umph" to start living and feeling healthy, making sure you check out Fit Life Tea! I highly, highly recommend it. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week!


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