Never Wear Skulls To Screenwriting

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shirt-Ross [Similar] // Hat-Forever 21 // Jeans-American Eagle //  Shoes-Thrifted [Similar]

Last year I took a Screenwriting class. One day in class we were discussing themes, motifs, and symbols. When my teacher asked what kind of symbols represent bad/evil, one of my classmates said "skulls." 

Everyone got quiet all of a sudden and stared at me. Confused, I looked down and realized I was a wearing a shirt covered in skulls. 

Everyone, including me, erupted in laughter at the coincidence. 
It's safe to say that I never wore my skull shirt to Screenwriting class ever again.


We are supposed to get our Internet and cable fixed today! No promises though. But hopefully everything works out so you guys don't have to suffer through me whining in future posts.

Oh, and I have some exciting news! Tomorrow I'm going to start a weekly post called Feature Friday where I spotlight fellow bloggers, artists, products, stores, restaurants--basically whatever I feel deserves recognition!

Here's a hint for tomorrow's feature guest: She recently released an original song entitled "Across My Heart." Can you guess who it is?

Here are some bonus pics of me looking cool. Nailed it.

Stay Classy.
  1. You seriously rock those skulls. I wish I could rock it like you! Maria

  2. You look super in these skulls! Keep rocking them!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. Love this outfit! Can't wait for it to get a tad bit cooler to try something similar. The lipstick color is gorgeous!!! Can you tell me what it is? I just found your blog and love following!


    1. Hey! I use Rimmel's Kate lipstick. I have them both in 9 & 11 and I *think* I used the 11 in this one. Not 100% sure because I switch between the both so often! ;) Thanks for the follow dear!


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