LOR Jewelry + I'm getting knee surgery today

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bracelet: c/o Left of Right Jewelry
Jacket: LA Hearts
Pants: Bullhead [similar]
Booties: Forever 21 [similar]
Necklace: Wet Seal [similar]

It's Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday.
Partyin', partyin', YEAHHH!
Just kidding.
No partyin' for me this weekend.
More on that later.

First I want to talk about this sweet Etsy shop I am swooning over! Left of Right Jewelry is an online jewelry retailer based in Orange County, California. I absolutely love the unique variety of jewelry they offer--they all reflect an urban-gypsy vibe that I am totally digging right now! I mean seriously, how cool is my Hex Nut Bracelet? It definitely adds a little edge to any outfit I wear it with.

Now on to the second part of my post title.
Yes, I am getting knee surgery. TODAY.

I injured my knee about three years ago while I was playing basketball with some friends (say whaaaat? Ariel plays sports?). As I was landing from a jump, my knee twisted and the next thing I knew I was rolling on the ground in pain. I could still move it so I knew I didn't break anything, so I just iced it as soon as I got home. When the swelling went away, so did my worries of a major injury. But as time went by, I kept re-injuring my knee. One time it was playing basketball (again), one time it was playing tennis, and one time it was jumping on the bed (I'm an idiot, I know). I'm a stubborn girl so I kept brushing off the injuries, figuring I was just having some bad luck.

It wasn't until I went snowboarding a few weeks ago when I noticed how weak my knee actually was. Not only did it feel strange whenever I twisted it, but I could literally feel my knee shaking uncontrollably whenever I put weight on it going down the mountain. It freaked me out a ton. I didn't realize how bad/weak it had gotten over the years since that initial injury.

My husband finally convinced me to schedule an appointment with the doctor and during the visit, it was confirmed: my ACL was extremely stretched out.

I had two options: either use a knee brace during anything physical for the rest of my life or get surgery. Of course, going under the knife didn't sound like the prettiest option, but I didn't want to have to wear a bulky, annoying brace every time I wanted to play a quick game of ball. Also, the more I thought about it, I realized it was better to get this problem fixed while I am still young--so I can easily chase my future little roadrunners everywhere without collapsing. So surgery it was.

I'm probably making a huger deal out of this than I need to (gosh, you're so dramatic Ariel), but it's my first time going under the knife (getting knocked out and all) so I'm actually really nervous. If you have any good vibes to spare, please send them my way! Any and all support is appreciated. :)

Also, I just wanted to keep you all in the loop just in case I fall behind on posts. I've been trying my hardest to cram in as many outfit/blog posts as I can into my queue before I'm "out of order" but if I go MIA for a bit, you guys will know why.

Okay well, wish me luck!
I adore you all.


  1. Good luck! Knee injuries are the worst, I did the same as you, but haven't chosen the surgery route...not yet at least. Take it easy and let yourself heal completely!


  2. Good luck...and I hope everything turns out well for you. x


  3. GOOD LUCK, Ariel!! Keep us posted on how everything goes.

    You look so cute and this wall is so cool!

  4. Good luck on your surgery! I hope you have a speedy recovery!


  5. Everything will turn out fine :) You'll be a new & improved Ariel at the end of it! Let me know if you need a Sodalicious, I can snag one for you <3

    1. Um yes! We need a do over with our sodalicious fail last night!

  6. I kind of hate you right now for putting that song in my head, haha. But good luck with your surgery! My husband tore his ACL and had to have surgery on his knee twice, so I know all about that fun stuff!

  7. good luck with the knee! where is this location in the photos??

  8. My best friend just had knee surgery not too long ago, and it went fantastic! You're seriously going to be just fine and be so happy that you did it! I think the recovery will be better and faster than you anticipate it to be, too! Praying for you!

  9. Oh, too bad about your knee! dang. I will pray for you, k? k. Your ensemble is great but I can't decide if the outfit is great against the graffiti or the graffiti is great next to your outfit? lol Recuperate well!

  10. Agh I just know I have something wrong with my knee because I used to hurdle in highschool...and ever since then the knee I jumped off of gets sore every time I exercise (aka not that often). I've been scared to see a doctor but I'm finally going to do it! hope everything goes well with yours.

  11. Where is that chalk wall? I can't remember! ha. But good luck on the knee surgery. Hope all goes well!

  12. Love this look! Good luck with your surgery!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  13. Hope everything turns out great.
    I also suffer from my knee from time to time but I haven't checked it in years..


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